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If Darkcake is like nega-cupcake, does that mean she's a studious grammar nazi who doesn't mind associating with you? She's saving the frosting for marriage? Is Chad McHugehands too shallow, and she likes the bagelboy next door?

She's a hard-working cake who often gets mistaken for cheap twelve-for-a-dollar timbit due to her permanent heart-shaped pupils. She's not even thinking of romance. She wants to grow up and become an embodiment of hope and love!
Liked by: Artemi

>all that musclehorn apologism // Face it, they just train for aesthetics and have no functional strength. Clearly crossfit templars are the mustard race

Maybe the musclehorns could stand up to a normal Templar, but not a guardian... better to bite their lips and swallow their pride.

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Man, Cupcake became old and busted really quickly. She's been pushed out of the spotlight by Pancake, bats and himehorns. I can't blame her for taking any frosting she can get.

She's still my a cutest and a best. One day she'll get the attention she deserves... one day...

What happens when two tribes of himehorns come into contact? Do theythey ever fight for territory?

Rarely, but it's been known to happen. Normally himehorn herds don't get so huge that they overlap territory, but when it happens they may end up fighting or merging into a super-herd. Unfortunately, both these situations are perilous and herds can easily collapse under the stress. Usually this knocks the numbers down to sustainable levels again.
That said, there are stories of some long-lived super-herds with large cities carveds out of stone, but all that's long in the past. The himehorns of today will never again be so prosperous... not until the nohorns and goldhairs leave...
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Why would the himehorns on the surface be walking in a line? To hide their numbers?

I mean a hereditary line!
If they walked in a line and someone tripped that could be the end of the herd. One giant himehorn-kebab!

Is it possible for Himehorns to have any contact with, be in the company of, or have social/political interactions with nohorns without being distressed or traumatized by the event?

The himehorns of long ago didn't have the fear of the nohorn carved into their bodies... ... if there were a line of himehorns from those day still walking on the surface, it might be possible to interact with them.

How much money per year would I need to make in order to gain the affection of the cupcake?

More money than all her friends' boyfriends are making, and then more than you made last year and the year before! Keep buying her more cakes! Don't stop! Never stop!
And don't forget to give her plenty of attention!
How much money per year would I need to make in order to gain the affection of

How much does it cost to adopt a Himehorn as a pet?

Just leave a trail of cakes from a cave entrance to box with a heavy lid. The hornmother will get scared and call for haremhorn and musclehorn help, but make no attempt to leave on her own.
Be prepared to care for an emotionally scarred hornmother, though. She will not be happy. She might even stop laying eggs from the stress!
Liked by: Chris Charabaruk

Why are musclehorns so disgustingly pathetic? They spend all that time sculping their bodies and flexing and lifting and they can't even save their motherhorns and leaders from getting bullied to death.

They know that taking action against the nohorns would only bring further punishment... maybe one day they'll be able to stand up to the nohorns again, but for now there's nothing they can do but endure their shame...

Where does the name CloneManga come from?

Around 2001 or so I was writing Cardcaptor Sakura stories with Sakura and Tomoyo clones. An entire army of Sakura and Tomoyo clones! That's where the name Clone Army came from. Clone Manga was a branch of that original site.
Tomoyo42's Room was named after Tomoyo clone #42-- one of the botched ones, obviously.

When I grow up I want to be just like you! I stopped shaving and bathing and started eating cake with every meal! What else can I do to be more like you?

There's nothing else to do! That's me to a T!

What do himehorns dream of, when they take a little himehorn snooze

Big grassy fields, tall trees, cold shallow streams with small fish, blue mountains that fill up the whole sky... they wake up from these dreams feeling a little sad and lonely. What is this place that appears in their dreams? The himehorns have forgotten... but maybe the snow will melt someday and... ... ...?

What if you bullied someone so much that instead of breaking down and crying (and thus accepting their lot in life), they become an artist and draw butts and cakes and himecuts all day?

A fate worse than death! Why even live?
What if you bullied someone so much that instead of breaking down and crying and

How would a himehorn feel about shoulder rides by nohorns?

Hornmother -- Slow down! Where are they taking her? Stop shaking! AAHH MY EGGS!
Haremhorn -- Dead eyes, accepts her fate.
Musclehorn -- Clenches thighs. Revenge for the herd....!

So it's okay to bully shitty vampires and their traitorous bitch waifus?

>A bitch
Look at this face! Look at it!
She's a changed person, anon! All that heresy stuff doesn't count...!
So its okay to bully shitty vampires and their traitorous bitch waifus


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