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Is it okay with Darkcake lays a darkcake on my chest?

She's really going all out to save up that college money, huh?

"it's a beautiful day outside. birds are singing, flowers are blooming... on days like these, kids like you..."

Stay indoors and sneer at the kids and world outside like the NEET edgelords they are.
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If you had to have your genitals replaced by a smaller version of the head of one of your OCs, who would you chose? OC retains all magic powers.

Probably Cupcake. I'd finally be able to keep her away from Chad.
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When do you think is the max lvl of cuteness of a himehorn?

Smallhorns eating solid food for the first time. They struggle a lot at first, but it's super cute when they figure out how to bite into a little chunk of carrot!
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Do you ever try to draw things that are drastically outside of "your style"?

The hard black and white style wasn't my style until it Paper Eleven required me to make it my style.
The vampire bride style wasn't my style until it required me to make it my style.
On the Subject of Witches will require me to change things up again. I'm happy to do it, though. Whatever it takes to take down that white whale.
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So, Dan, how's life as a professional neckbeard sage now that it's past the honeymoon phase? Do you get to do a lot of world-building or such?

It's pretty fucking sweet, honestly.
Just moved to a new office space and it's literally built like an amusement park + donut shop / cafe thing. There's even a conference room that has logs in it and insect sounds!
And I can't talk about the job itself... but I look forward to doing stuff every day!
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Dan, you can erase one hit video game entirely, and make one niche or obscure video game huge hit. What do you chose?

Fatal Frame becomes the biggest franchise of all time. Survival horror is back, cute girls in scary situations are back, sister twincest is back, Japanese horror movies flood the theaters again, most popular hallowe'en costume: schoolgirls with red glasses and shortcuts covered in blood.
You're welcome.

Out of all the anime that you've seen, what would you say is your favorite "episodic episode"?

Endless Eight.
Actually, I can't think of any episodic episode off the top of my head.
Storyline episodes though:
Recent memory: Madoka Ep 10
Classic memory: Evangelion Ep, 19
Probably as hyped as I've ever gotten for any show ever with the possible exception of Best of Both Worlds part I and II (Star Trek: TNG). That was insane.

What would Snax and Cupcake think about each other if they met randomly?

Cupcake would get mad at the bweh for stealing attention away from her.
The bweh would probably try and steal her games and then run away.

Is cupcake getting a bit... rounder? She isn't planning on giving Flapjack McHugehands a brother, is she?

Time to work out, my a cutest. >: T
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Rank etrian odyssey characters on level of their flatness good sir.

Looks like my Super a Cutest tier:
Looks like my a cutest and a best tier:
Super a flattest tier:
Pretty flat tier:
Twintail Fortress
Not really flat but I'll take it tier:
Dark Hunter
Not even that flat tier:
The rest
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