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How does Christmas at the Kim household go?

> Terrible piano / violin / flute trios
> Delicious ox tail soup from mom
> Eating cakes from Montreal
> Long rambling discussions on life the universe and everything
> Me talking about life and work at Ubi
> Little brother talking about his research project at MIT
> Lots of advice about work and life from dad
> Mom's sides exploding with laughter
> Spoiling the dog and rubbing her ears
It's a good time.

I don't care about christmas, but don't you feel lonely Dan?

I'm visiting my family this year. Things are okay! =w=
Hmm. But maybe one day I really should have a family of my own and have some little IRL pastry daughters running around...
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In the end what are you gonna do for christmas?

The internet connection here isn't so great, so streaming is out. I'll do a waifu request thing on twitter instead!
I'll make a post and folks can reply with their request. I'll post the result, and people can reply to that with the next request. I'll start sometime on Christmas and go until I drop! =w=

I passed someone with the license plate CUPCAK3 on the way home. Is your a cutest and a best even old enough to drive?

Must be from one of her stream donors... probably a rich Saudi prince... ;w;
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>I'm 32! | Wow, that's, like, extra old! Where were youwhen the sudetenland was annexed?

I'm already getting some white hairs. ;ww;
... Actually, the white hairs aren't too bad. In fact, I think it adds an air of refinement! Almost like a himecut!
Im 32
 Wow thats like extra old
Where were youwhen the sudetenland was annexed
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What's the most meaningful gift you've ever received?

Hmm. Probably the old Atari my dad bought for me when I was 5 years old. I've been playing games ever since. ;w;

What if the reason why the himehorns are a female only race is just because their eggs are not fertilized? At one point all the living males got extinct and they coped with that fact by producing the/more musclehorns and with the time they simply forgot about them. http://i.imgur.com/NotmXBX.jpg

I think you win the prize for first himehorn fan theory.


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