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>My a cutest and best is made with 1000% natural ingredients. || I didn't realize four types of artificial sugars were "natural".

That's the extra 900%
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You know it would be cute if Darkcake called you Dandy. Like "Dan!...dy." Like if she was happy she saw you but you told her to never call you dad, she mutters the rest under her breath to have an extra little amount of joy for seeing her dad on the street.

She can call me daddy... just don't call the house!
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Cupcake? More like CupFAKE. I saw her stuffing those tights!

My a cutest and best is made with 1000% natural ingredients.

And use the New Reader's Guide! =w= ||| Nice, so ... Doll & Maker > Paper Eleven > NNN ... The others I finished them yesterday =v=b See you again when I am done :v

Okie dokie. =w=
Thanks for reading!

Rank the Meguca ships, Dan? (HomuMado, KyoSaya, MamiCheesebitch)

1. MamiNobody
2. Saya NTR'd by Greenbitch
3. KyoFood
4. KyoSaya
5. HomuMado

Do you like Soul Calibur / Soul Edge?

Eh, not really. Last fighting game I really enjoyed was Street Fighter Alpha 2.

Fatal Frame V in the west!! Are you hype?

God dammit. Am I going to have to get a WiiU just for Fatal Frame? Ugh... maybe I'll get it when it's in the bargain bin...

I finally made some time to continue reading your stuff; I just finished Nana's Everyday Life. I have to say, that was an emotional rollercoaster; I had this manly tear in the corner of my eye bothering me, but I had to finish reading before telling it to go back... now, I am going for Tomoyo...

Thanks for reading!
Please take this Sad Nana in Snow for your trouble:
I finally made some time to continue reading your stuff I just finished Nanas

With her desperate attempts to get attention, I'm surprised Cupcake hasn't resorted to getting a himecut

>pink himecut

Dan, I'm a private detective. In my spare time, I've collected definitive proof that all of these "frosting" askfms come from a couple of teenagers in Barstow California. I've held off until I compiled my case. If you give m...just kidding. April fools! I'm putting my piping to Cuppy as I type this.

W... why would she let you call her that? She hates it when I call her that... ;~~;
Dan Im a private detective In my spare time Ive collected definitive proof that

Got any plans for april fools day?

It was Sakura's birthday today! I ate a mille feuille in her honor.

>the last boss of BB || did you submit or refuse?

Refused, died 30 times, then parried that sucker into oblivion. Then I got hugs from Nyaruko-chan and a sweet ride from doll waifu. Not a bad ending.

Did you know that ¨Cake¨ is an euphemism for lesbian in certain places? To be more specific, ¨Torta¨ which is the word for cake, in spanish.

News to me.
i wonder if there are any Spanish talk shows a teary eyed teen pleads with her parents to "pls b a respect on a cake" and accept her #cakelyfe lifestyle
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Nope! Not sure if ever will. I might be getting too old for highschool sad-girl-in-snow dramas. ||| One is never too old for a masterpiece.

Well, I'll keep it in mind...


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