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My friend hates DFC and calls it disgusting flat chest, should I stop being his friend or try to change him?

Introduce him to a nice DFC 2D waifu. He'll change his mind once he meets the right waifu. They all do.
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Will we ever get to know when drawstreams are happening beforehand? At least, like, more than 5 minutes beforehand? Or will they forever be announced mere moments before they happen?

Jan 31st, all day all request drawstream! 2PM EST to whenever I fall asleep!
Mark your calendar!
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Do musclehorns like to wear leather jackets and smoke cigarettes in bathroom stalls where the hornmothers can't see them?

A haremhorn would find them and chew them out if they ever tried. One by one the musclehorns would be force to kneel, endure the haremhorn's look of disapproval, and then be lead by the horn to a corner like a naughty child.
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>all this happiness || How happy are the himehorns going to be, Dan? Urobuchi's Third Law states that for a given amount of healing, there will be an equal and opposite amount of suffering.

W-what're you talking about? I'm sure Vicky and her bat will just pass through without causing any trouble and leave a couple cakes for her generous hosts at the cave exist. Y-yeah

Of all the character's you've created, how is it that Cupcake and her sisters are the only ones who are your daughters?

Real answer: because I created them around the time I considered trying to find someone to settle down and have a family with. I'll have to be happy with my A Cutest and A Best, though. She's all I got.

Who would win in a butt-fight, Snax or Cupcake?

For me, Cupcake is the winner.
You may prefer a more mature looking (or fuzzy) bottom and go with the bat. That is also acceptable.

Wait, if young haremhorns and musclehorns look the same as except for the horns then does that mean the black horned himehorns in the robes are young musclehorns? They seem a bit talkitive for musclehorns.

Nope, the black robed himehorns are hornmothers.
You can tell a young musclehorn and haremhorn apart by checking their muscle density, their facial expressions, and behaviour (haremhorns are affectionate and nurturing from the get go).
The hornmothers are also flat as pancakes. The musclehorns and haremhorns get some chest early on.
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Have you checked your privilege yet today?

Remember: their goal is not defeat counter arguments or propose concrete actions or futures, but to "smash the patriarchy". That means (roughly) reformatting the entire discursive landscape (roughly the power and knowledge structures we used to call "institutions" and "rationality") so that the intelligibility of any thought, any word, any concept, simply has to take the Capital-T truths of the oppressed for granted. This seems sensible from their point of view because (as they see it) the Capital-T truths of the oppressors are already there, all around us, in just this way.
And since even the most sincere, open, honest talk is really just patriarchy-speak (the more rational and normal the speech, the more tightly such speech must be laced about the normative and semantic pillars of patriarchy-speak), you gotta create your own counter-discourse in which thoughts untainted by patriarchal truths can be expressed. Your job then is to undermine normal discourse with this revolutionary discourse. Once people are trapped in this new discourse they'll simply accept your ideals because all intelligible thoughts, truths, and actions will have their content furnished by those ideas. Feminism (or whatever its revolution gives birth to) will be as invisible and powerful as The Patriarchy. We will be new fish and that will be our new water. All this "check your privilege" stuff is, as they see it, an attempt to get the old fish to notice his water (and hate it).
That's their justification for all this "hashtag activism", blogging, and hijacking comics, games, music, etc. by the way. It's trying to dump out the poisoned water and fill the pool with new water.
It's a strange idea, but you can see why it gets a grip on people. It as all the fun of flogging yourself to the tune of proselyting messianic millennial religion (My eyes are open, I must awaken my brothers so that the oppressed will awaken to their group consciousness and one day bring about the glorious revolution which will overthrow the evil oppressor class to which I belong but against which I eternally rebel) with a complex theology and none of the responsibility (you're a perpetual victim if you protect the oppressed, of course, and you're under no obligation to perform the labour of justifying your claims in the terms of your oppressor's oppressive patriarchal language -- that just gives him more power and prevents him from seeing his water).
What I think they get right is roughly what overlaps with a nominalist, functionalist, historicist -- that is, pragmatist view. Which isn't much. I think they have a demented view of knowledge, meaning, and human nature which just does not take us seriously as limited, evolved natural beings with a lot of tragic quirks. In any case, I don't pin my social hopes to these people.
Anyway, at this point I just consider this one of humanity's many temporary madnesses -- i.e. business as normal.

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>anti-Bikky hate squad. Wasn't that those two templars Bikky decapitated?

"What? No -- that was, uh, .... Sayaka! I saw her fly away after! I mean -- uh -- I wasn't even there but I heard about it. People get us confused all the time! Ah ha ha ha..."

Do himehorns have nice butts?

Not really. The musclehorns have meaty muscle butts if you're into that, though.

Is there a sauce or seasoning that goes particularly well with himehorn? Are they best grilled or slow roasted?

"Hmm~ That's a hard one y'know? I wouldn't eat one myself. The eggs are alright if you mix 'em with something bland... it's easy to eat if you have a weak stomach..."

So himehorns make milk. What does it taste like?

Only the haremhorns actually produce milk. The motherhorns are flat as pancakes and the musclehorns only have boobs because they follow the haremhorn developmental path then branch off.
The milk is very rich. The haremhorns with best milk production potential are fed better food and nurse the young hornmothers. There's a bit of a pecking order to the haremhorns in that respect -- the best milk producers get to lounge around the most and eat the best food while the ones with lower milk potential manage the living spaces, deal with the older smallhorns, and are the last to eat.

When Snax first talked to the himehorns there was one with her eye bandaged up. What happened to her eye? Was it Bikky? Did Bikky do that to her?

Here comes the anti-Bikky hate squad. They're just hornscum, who cares what happened?
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