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It's alright Dan. At least Cupcake will have many small cakes of her own. A Baker's Dozen even.

Time to post mini-Cupcake again.
She was so cute... what happened...? ;ww;
Its alright Dan At least Cupcake will have many small cakes of her own A Bakers
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Well, if you survive the stress, tell us if you got the pics... also, if cupcake came back with something extra in the oven. To properly congratulate you.

I just want my a cutest to have a wholesome life. I should have baked her with whole wheat flour instead ... ;__;
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Didn't you ban cupcake from interacting with the cakeist? Why do you want her to take a pic now?

She can use a selfie stick to take a picture of him from a distance. Just as long as she's not so close that she'll be tempted by his frosting!
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¨they know¨... I take that you still haven't made that clear then... that they are not real cakes I mean... I am going to tell them now...


Do you realise that cupcakes and pancakes are not real cakes? Darkcake was the real cake all along! That is why you treat her like that, isn't it? To make sure she never knows how special she really is, and to make sure your ¨other cakes¨ don't realise the truth... well, cupcake at least.

Cupcake and Pancake know they real cakes in my heart, anon. They're the precious cakes I baked with my super a cutest, after all.

> readership's self-insert | The 99.9% of your readership are bullies, so I highly doubt it ... but how can we make sure the guy even exists and is not a fragment of Leedah's imagination to cope with the bullying?

Well, the haremhorns and smallhorns see her too... so it'd have to be a group hallucination. Or maybe the whole herd is her hallucination....? But that would mean... Oh... oh no... ;__;

Soon enough No-vember begins. Give me your motivational speeches, posters, anythings! Let's do this.

Huh? Are you talking about No-Shave November?
Let's do our best to to grow nice facebeards/legbeards I guess...?
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Dan... every time I try to ask something about the cakeist to different people, they say widely different things about this ... this entity called ¨cakeist¨... what its real identity I wonder.

I'll have to ask my apostle for a picture next time she goes to pick up an offering.

To suicidal anon; Our subconcious can't speak to us directly, so it makes us feel things. Listen to it; try to figure out the methapor. It's VERY important to make friends with one's inner self, it's always going to be there.

^ posted for anon
But honestly I personally don't really buy into listening to ghostly voices within us -- how would we know if we accomplished it or not? On the other hand, mulling things over and really thinking about what's important to you and what your needs and desires are might amount to more or less the same thing, and that's something I can easily buy into.

how does one deal with suicidal thoughts?

First off, remember that the brain is a physical device -- and not a very good one. There are bugs. I can't walk down the street without imagining throwing a brick into someone's face or throwing myself off a bridge. But, quite likely, there's nothing deeper going on than a mere glitch -- there's nothing there to uncover and explore. So there's a certain base level of of that you can expect in over the course of your entire life. If that's your case, don't worry about it -- it's normal.
There may also be a physical malfunction -- the things that should be making you making your happy and feel life is worth living just don't. You eat a delicious pizza and you can tell it tastes delicious but you don't feel any happier -- well, maybe there's a valve stuck in the machine. Talk to a doctor and find out whether that's the case. Your machinery might simply need straightening out.
Alternatively, the physical problem could be caused by a kind of missing "maintenance" input that your body expects -- for example, enough water, food, sunlight, exercise, social contact, basic approval from the tribe, etc. It sounds very simple (and it is) but it can make all the difference. Try bodyweight exercises and a little running -- it really worked for me.
The last case is that it's not a glitch, the machine is working properly, the basic inputs are good, and the suicidal thoughts are result of rational reflection -- your life isn't going where you think it should, you don't know how you'll live after your special someone breaks up with you, you'll never finish your project, etc. For that, you need both the right vision, right expectation, and right action. I recommend reading Bertrand Russel's The Conquest of Happiness and then, after, Marcus Aurelius' Meditations -- both available freely online and are short reads.
Here is a link to The Conquest of Happiness:
and an extract:
"My purpose is to suggest a cure for the ordinary day-to-day unhappiness from which most people in civilised countries suffer, and which is all the more unbearable because, having no obvious external cause, it appears inescapable. I believe this unhappiness to be very largely due to mistaken views of the world, mistaken 'ethics, mistaken habits of life, leading to destruction of that natural zest and appetite for possible things upon which all happiness, whether of men or animals, ultimately depends. These are matters which lie within the power of the individual, and I propose to suggest the changes by which his happiness, given average good fortune, may be achieved. "
If that's what you're looking for, that's the book you want, anon.
I hope that helps. Good luck, anon.

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