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3/? However, I have mud now. More mud than ever before. More mud than I could dream of dealing with. It has turned into a Musclehorn paradise. Even @muscle_Horn is roaring with happiness. They are making so much noise I worry the neighbors will hear them.

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2/? I worry about the crops the horns planted could be ruined from this much rain. The local streams and rivers are going over their banks so I have kept everyone away from them to keep them safe. Flash floods are a real threat now.

I hope the wild herds have their caves above water level...
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DefectiveHorn Apostle here, This is the largest amount of rain I have seen seen 1985. over 4 days strait of rain. I had to get rain coats and umbrellas for as many himehorns as I could and I still could not cover any where near enough.

Hello, defectivehorn apostle!
The image of many horns huddled under umbrellas would be quite amusing in normal circumstances, but these are not normal circumstances... I hope that you and your horns are safe!
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5/5 I think that the musclehorns are content for once now that the fights are done. Also, these events happen when 2 or more herds live close to each other. It help prevents all out wars between herds.

Skirmishes along herd borders are fairly rare on Big Egg, both during the period in the caves (which cannot be traversed without the Southern Witch Apostle) and during the era in which the herds inhabited the surfaces (herds generally spread out quite far). But when fights between herds to occur, the increased stress can cause herd budding behaviour, sending hornmothers and horns far away to become a new herd, which controls the size of herds locally.

4/? In the end, I had to help set broken bones and heal injuries for awhile. @muscle_Horn had the time of her life taking on challengers left and right. A good thing that Musclehorns heal real fast. They can even regrow lost teeth in time.

Musclehorns are very durable. Muhuhu. =w=

3/? Thankfully we didn't have fatalities but there were knocked out teeth, concussions, and some broken bones. Even their horn wranglers acted like referees in an MMA fights. This appears to be an accepted practice among the herds.

Young musclehorns need haremhorns to care for and control them. Without haremhorns around they lack direction and expend their energy in reckless ways.

Defectivehorn Apostle here, my locality got hit by a record breaking cold spell that hit freezing points even this late spring. In turn, that drove my herds back under ground at the worst time. The Musclehorns are in full aggression mode. 1/?

Hello, Defectivehorn Apostle!
The weather has been strange here as well. Perhaps the weather machines in your locale have been hit...? Or does your side of the witch caves not have such technology?

Defectivehorn Apostle here, Both you and I are aware of this fact, but for those who don't know I should say this here for you just in case. Himehorns are not just divided into worker caste system, but have internal statis as well. 1/?

Hello, Defectivehorn Apostle!
As always, thanks for your reports. =w=
What follows are some interesting horn tidbits for those not familiar with horns (all from the Defectivehorn Apostle):
Horn mothers rank themselves by age and viable eggs hatched, a few do it by horn size. The smallhorn tenders rarely care about ranks, but those who done the best in rising the most smallhorns tend to be seen better than the rest.
The worker class put a lot of value in the greatest skilled worker and who can do the work more than than the less skilled obviously. Yet for the worker class if they have less ability to other types of work, they will focus on one type and be really good at it.
Much like how people with down syndrome are. they can hyper skilled in one thing and be worthless in others. the wild herds rarely are able to toss out completely worthless worker due to low numbers they have.
Musclehorns like wise are the most open about their status of the best of the rest. The stronger and better fighter the better the musclehorn. @muscle_Horn is openly accepted the best I have now. That proves to be a problem as well.
Her recent drive to drink and smoke is looked down on by other musclehorns as weakness. That and a new round of younger muscle horns are grown up Plus the return of spring and the mud that comes with it is a powder keg ready to go off.
I know @muscle_Horn is to prideful to just hand over her title of best musclehorn with out a fight and i think she NEEDS a challenge to keep her morale up as well. Some how I want to see the tournament to start as well.
As for the smallhorns, they don't seem to care about ranks other than who can get the most affection, care and food than others. but I think a pecking order does start early in life.
Internal caste status manifests early on in horn development. This is most obvious when a potential leedah hornmther is hatched. Although the hornmothers themselves seem oblivious to it, it seems the haremhorns may have a strong hand in determining the future leedah of the herd by feeding and caring for some smallhornmothers earlier than others. On what basis do they select? Perhaps smell, health, intelligence, cuteness, and other factors... but only the high ranking haremhorns know for sure.

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2/2 He'll post it up to you. Besides he has a twitter account and all. No telling if my himehorns gets into the pictures though! BTW, can you draw up some more pics of cupcake and Darkcake getting covered in my defective himehorns?

Hm, yes, but it'll have to wait. I want to make some progress on the comics this weekend. =w=

Defectivehorn Apostle here, I saw your art work of me and I agree that Fluff is close enough. I'm not exactly a hefty guy but I am strong enough. I'll tell you what, I'll have your picture printed out, framed and I'll get Fluff to send you a picture of hanging in my house to prove it. 1/?

Oh, nice! : D

3/? She ignored the smallhorn at first. But the little one was VERY pursuant in wanting to be with @muscle_Horn . Soon she gave in started to carry her around while doing chores. I suspect she will give her exercises soon and training to be a better musclehorn.

Muhuhu~ =w=

Defectivehorn Apsotle here, While the sickness rages on, Hope and a new days arrives. While @muscle_Horn acts all rebelious, she has her softer side. One of the smallhorns whom I can tell will grow into Musclehorn is following her around. 1/?

But where are your high ranking haremhorns? Normally they should be looking after all the smallhorns...

5/5 Both Cupcake and Darkcake as well as my kids are recovering just fine. but man they are getting stir crazy.

Cupcake just needs more attention online and she'll be fine. As for Darkcake, she must be having it rough... normally she works all day. She must be getting antsy indeed.

4/? Dan, can you PLEASE say something to @muscle_Horn so she won't become a drunk horn? She is drinking tonic water but I don't want her to get booze from somewhere behind my back. She seems to be in her rebellious teenager phase.

Musclehorn PLEASE

3/? The wild herds are getting affected to a degree. The horns that are raiding homes of people who fell to the flu are getting sick by exposure to it. I am doing what I can for them. Too many are taking advantage of this shut down and raiding closed stores now.

As long as a few hornmothers survive the wild herds should be up to their normal populations in a few months but what is a lot of hornmothers get sick? Herds naturally keep away from each other (wrongherd go home) and this typically prevents cross-herd plagues on Big Egg, but if they're all infected at a shared source that's another issue...

Defectivehorn Apostle here, Virus update now. I was wrong. The musclehorns are NOT immune to the chines flu, they are asymptomatic carriers. due to their normally robust health and immune system keeps them alive and active. @muscle_Horn is sadly a carrier too. 1/?

The herd is doomed!!

What is your thoughts on the impossibility of a true transference of an artists intentions to an audience though something as subjective as art? I've hit a bit of a creative dry spell and it made me wonder how you motivate yourself when your art will never be exactly what you want it to be.

Hello, Anon.
Sorry for the late answer. I've struggled with this myself (the some results of the struggle are in NNN) and basically come to the conclusion that this wish for immediate contact, total unity, a collapse of the boundary between individuals into some kind of End of Evangelion LCL goo is best left as an unfulfilled longing. The gap is indeed unbridgeable, but it is thanks to that unbridgeability that the struggle emerges and persists. And that struggle is art and life itself. We could take consolation in the fact that at least this struggle is shared or that we suffer together, but I think this is just the attitude of dogs licking each others wounds -- no, I think the struggle is the point. The struggle is reward enough. Roll that boulder, my man. That's your load and your world and it's not going anywhere without you.

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Where do I need to go to buy a Lunarian robo waifu? One that doesn't bully like Alice's Robo waifu does!

They all bully in their own special way.
This is why no one likes lunarians!!

Moon cicadas: except instead of "mii~n min min mii~n" its "clea~n clean clean clea~n"

1000% true. You can hear it from the surface of the dark moon!
+1 answer in: “~Lunar War: Earthian Archive~ Infiltration Unit: ███ Com code: ██ Regarding universal 280 Hz noise on ███ Dark Moon deep scans. Logistics wrong. Not disperse energy system. The humming of small cleaning robots? Immediately de-prioritize targeting surface locations. Low military value.”


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