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Do you use an artist glove when drawing?

I use an thin $1 cotton glove with the fingertips cut off. Works great. =w=

Pls halp, Dan. I'm (relatively) good at copying but bad at drawing from imagination. I can do a pretty good realistic portrait from a photo, but struggle with drawing a simple animu face from imagination. Wat do?

Practice drawing from imagination by doing the following:
Don't focus on making a technically perfect picture. Just lightly and loosely sketch little scenes and figures. Don't try to plan a drawing, imagine the drawing already on the page, and then try to trace it. That might work for geniuses, but not for most of us. Instead, work on spontaneous improvisation based on the lines you've already put down.
Draw SLOW, draw FAST:
While drawing playfully, get used to doing tiny fast thumbnails, but also throwing down many, many stick figures in various poses and then slowly drawing on top of a couple of good ones.
Also remember to get good at the fundamentals so you're thinking about your images as 3D scenes instead of a collection of contours on a flat plane.
Finally, remember to improve your knowledge -- KNOW how all the muscles, limbs, etc. attach and look at various angles and draw various body parts from various angles over and over again until you've internalized the knowledge. Then you'll have a much easier time drawing from the imagination since much of your "imagining" will actually be recollection instead of pure invention.

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Cupcake f2p mobil game where you buy cupcake cakes with cupcake pestering you every few seconds to go and buy the expensive p2p cakes when?

It's perfect. I should make it.
=3= MUU i liek it ok u shud buy it 4me im a cutest muuuu~ =3=

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I'm more than willing to speed the overdosing process along. Remove worthless a slutest.

pls b a RESPCT on a CAEK

What does Darkcake have to do to become your a cutest?

Wait for Cupcake to die from overdosing on frosting.

After you make Darkcake's side comic ... if you ever give her an ask... I want to make her a little story. ;w; she deserves a little more happiness.

She does. ;w;
Liked by: alpaca

"D-Daddy? Sis told me I could t-talk to you here. Am... Am I really a m-mistake?"

That was just daddy's silly internet talk, my almost a cutest. I'll wire some money, so be a good girl and don't call this line again, okay? I'll take you for ice cream next month. Probably.

Have you ever thought about going taking some pastry lessons in your free time? Think of all the cakes!... I mean... possibilities!

No way, I don' t need another mistake like Darkcake in my life.

Favorite confectionery filling?

I used to love syrupy caramels, but I've come to appreciate light creams.

Do you have any tips about character creation?

Characters aren't atomic -- they can only be understood as part of the rest of the project, so make sure your character is tightly constrained by the characteristics of the world: in desires, appearance, thought, action, etc. That way, the collision of the character with those constraints will simultaneously carve out the shape of the character and the world.
At the same time, remember that to maintain intelligibility, all parts of this fictional world must ultimately be parasitic on the ideas, words, regularities, etc. of our world. Don't throw anything out of your toolbox for stupid ideological or political reasons-- all such concerns are base and fleeting compared to the demands of the aesthetic. Let the demands of your project be your ultimate guide.
Practically speaking, that means starting from a striking image of your character in the world and building out the details from there, casting those details in the language of the fictional world, and regularly going back and forth between modifying the character and the world, never letting yourself fall into the trap of thinking of them as true separate entities -- splitting the machinery of the project into character, world, plot, events, etc. is just a convenient method for talking about the project -- it's really One Big Thing.
Anyway, that's the way I look at and work at things. It might not be right for you -- honestly, you gotta find your own way (I don't mean a unique way, just the way that works for you) when it comes to this sort of thing or you'll always be painting by numbers.

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What would you say is your forte as an artist?

I leave answering questions like that to other people. =w=

What are Cupcake and Darkcake birthdays?

Cupcake's birthday is Jan 1st ... Darkcake doesn't know when her birthday is but celebrates it on Dec 31st.

Do you doubt yourself, Sempai? Unnecessarily, I mean.

No, my doubts are very well founded, believe me.

Sempai, why is my magical laser shield so bad? I spent a boss soul and a good +10 on it, only to find that not only is it bad as a weapon, but it's awful as a shield, too! The former, I understand, but why use this when the crest shield is actually useful?

It was incredibly over powered when the game first came out... it got overnerfed and it's just a gimmick shield now. : <

How many squiggles is too much for one mouth? ;wwwwwww;? ;wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww;? More?

Don't make fun of my squigglymouth, anon! ;wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww;

Sempai, why does Gwyndolin have boobs? Boys don't have those! Not scrawny ones like him, anyways! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?

He stuffs. : T


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