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Yfw you ignoring darkcake has given her a really bad electra complex; and everything she does is to impress you into loving her as much as cupcake. The moment you acknowledge her is the moment she starts on the same path cupcake has taken. Source: Freud

Are you saying that the best thing to do is to continue to ignore her...?
Yfw you ignoring darkcake has given her a really bad electra complex and
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I started drawing late in life. Haven't held jobs long due to anxiety and depression. Better now. Drawing is my passion but I'm not good enough for work. 24-25, living at home, getting old. Parents want me to get a job and it scares me. Unqualified for everything. What would you do if you were me?

Try to get a job and do night school, maybe?
Ask relatives for leads re: jobs?
Or look for an alternative career path...?
Teach English in Japan?
It's hard to say, anon. But like you say, the clock is ticking. Probably the best thing to do is do pick a path and go down. At least then things will change and opportunities might pop up -- a connection here, and chance encounter there. Nothing will happen if you stay put and mull things over for another year... and another year.... and another...

I wonder how Darkcake feels when you call her "almost this" and "almost that." It's like, do you even care? She might as well be called Twinkie-chan.

Well I can't call her my a cutest - that's Cupcake.
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She's such a sweet kid and people are still mean to her. I don't understand. Why would anybody want to pick on someone so earnestly nice?

Honestly, part of it is her fault. She puts a wall and doesn't get close to people even though she'd like to have friends. It's easy for folks to get the impression that she thinks she's too good to hang out with 'em. Maybe it's kind of true, too -- she's always studying and working... maybe she's too serious for her own good.
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Why does Darkcake want to be a doctor? Being a doctor sucks.

Sometimes Darkcake asks herself the same question. Somehow she feels guilty and indebted to society and wants to make herself useful to others. She definitely pushes herself too hard, though...
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">imaginary ???" Dan, you have to remember. Sakura and Cupcake died in the hospital giving birth to the former, Pancake is the desire of the second daughter you will never have. But Darkcake is real, she is still here for you. Please come back to reality, for her, she is alone

Time to post this image again. ;~~;

Dan you have to remember
Sakura and Cupcake died in the hospital

How did you fail to raise two imaginary children? I honestly want you to gave a real one just to see how that one would end up.

How did you fail to raise two imaginary children I honestly want you to gave a

After failing in two cakes and a x-mas cake, you still have hope? I am amused but the numbers don't help you

Hope is all I have left, anon.
After failing in two cakes and a xmas cake you still have hope
I am amused but
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Anyone else feel like it's August or September? Like the actually August and September were really hot and this month still ain't cold enough. Doesn't feel like Autumn.

-1 C here!

But if Cupcake has gone bad and Darkcake will go bad one day, won't Pancake go bad eventually, too?

Maybe I'll send her to a cake-only boarding school...
The Lady of the Creamery's Finishing School for Young Cakes?

If you acknowledge that you've failed cupcake already, then why do you have her mug plastered all over your website?

She's still my a cutest. ;~;
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If I don't believe in her, who will...?! ;~~; ||| Herself, her unfounded ego is bigger than you think.

>If I don't believe in her who will||| Darkcake and Sakura (presumably) accept her for who she is and still believe in her. What's the point in believing in her if it's not the real her?
>If I don't believe in her, who will...?! ;~~; /// Her legions of white knights?
I guess she doesn't need me after all... ;~;
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Okay Dan, let me run this by you. So you are walking (or what you do in Canadia) and you see this boombox right? So naturally you go up and rub it. THEN A GIANT BLACK MAN COMES OUT! IT'S SHAQUILLE O'NEAL! He then goes "ALRIGHT NIGGA I'M SHAZAM AND I'LL GIVE YOU 3 WISHES YA HEAR?!" What are they?

1. Make all of my a cutests and almost a cutests super 4 reel
2. Megucorp is real
3. My own team in Megucorp Computer Entertainment division
Perfect laifu


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