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Can anyone live up to Darkcake's standards? (Can you?)

Darkcake's standards are't that unrealisitc. She just wants someone who will love her and be a good example to their kids. When she looks at a man she thinks: "Is this the kind of man I'd want my kids to be inspired by and get their values from?" ... of course, she gets a little melty-mouthed over Chad McHugehands, just like any other cake out there... but she's not going to hold hands with a scumbag like that. She wouldn't want her daughter to be like that, so she won't be like that either.
Can anyone live up to Darkcakes standards Can you

Have you ever think of yourself as someone who is special or better that the ones who are next to you?

Story time:
When I was younger I was sent to all those "special" classes for "gifted kids" but let me tell you -- along with a good education there is a massive amount of indoctrination. Year after year you're told you're "leaders of the future" and that you have a special responsibility to and authority over others...
Fucking disgusting. Spouting democratic principles and equality-talk in public and then sneering at the "normies" (yes, even seventh and eighth graders talked like that) in the classroom. The basic story we were fed was this: normies are rubes/children who need their betters to help them, guide their lives, open their eyes, and lead them to their better selves... on a leash if necessary. They went on and on about child labour, saving the rainforest, saving the whales, sustainable energy, etc. -- but the real problem underneath all that, really, was that the world was filled with people too was too stupid/evil/blind/cruel to listen to their intelligent/good/awakened/empathetic betters. The ease with which these people dismissed the actual concerns of others in favour of advancing a movement or adhering to some abstract principle -- you know, the "right" concerns -- was shocking. Who carts off seventh graders to protests? Who loads them up with scripted questions to ask at a public conference on child labour to score points in a long-running personal feud between activists? Who videotapes them and feeds children scripts to create an emotionally manipulative presentation for parliament? Who uses children as cover and ammunition in a row between cliquish arms of an environmentalist group? Teachers for enrichment programs, apparently. And these are supposed to be society's "betters"? These people believed that a righteous cause was all the justification that was ever needed for anything. Fuck them.
Anyway, so long as you can set the criteria, you can always fool yourself into thinking you're "special" or "better". Whether you think you're hot shit because you can run real fast, have money, overcame a great hardship, can do massive calculations in your head, or descend from a line of people who've been hard done by, the story's the same. But keep in mind that the criteria is always up for grabs and motivated by an ever-shifting landscape of human interests, desires, and frailties, and you'll improve your odds of warding off the dangerous belief that you're special/different/better/chosen, and that the normal rules don't apply.

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I was reading de INTP thing when "familiar with the darkside" You are already in the darkside Dan, there is no escape, now just accept the darkcake

Darkcake an almost-a-cutest. ;3;
I was reading de INTP thing when familiar with the darkside
You are already in

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Do you think Gen Urobuchi is still holding his own as an anime screen writer? It seems to me that his post Psycho-Pass Season 1 stuff hasn't been quite as good as his earlier work.

I wouldn't know -- I haven't really been keeping tabs on his stuff after Gargantia.

At what point does a person become "elitist" in any genre of pop culture, in your opinion?

When someone sees themselves as guardians, gadflies, leaders, vanguards, etc. of the community and/or genre. When they see themselves as possessing some special something (moral standing, refined taste, the right kind of standing, etc.) that puts them above the rest of the human herd. Combine the above with a sense of smugness instead of a sense of charity, openness and sharing (the kind of attitude that would let someone say "THIS is how you do it you RUBE -- don't you know that the community/genre ought to be like THIS" instead of "we're all on our own journey, let's tell each other what we've seen, if that's what we both want") -- well, to me, that's an elitist.

But making games doesn't have a lot of math?

Depends what you're doing. If you're doing some complex physical simulations or something, okay. If you're making a text adventure game, probably a lot less.

What are your views on nailpolish, manicures and or claws on your characters?

Templar: Nail polish is forbidden. It makes you look like a harlot thirsty for your captain's headpats! Have some self-respect!
Himehorns: They already have claws. Nail polish isn't a thing.
Witches: they're already perfect. No improvement is possible.
Vampires: they already have claws.
The Bweh: She's pretty vain and not above a little decoration.
Cupcake: She's tried pink nail polish but Sakura found out and won't let her put it on again until she's older.
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Dan, have you ever thought of pursuing a career that is different from the arts? Like the sciences maybe?

I was really into science and math earlier on in life. I even ended up getting a B. Math / Honours Computer Science... but what can I say? I like games and comics more.

The bear pajama was a try (and fail) to a Lain reference

Don't worry, my first thought was of Lain. =w=

I have been trying to write a story. I started searching tips for writing and everything, and I am still trying to make a backstory without plot holes ... in others words, I am stuck. What do you recommend?

Read "How Fiction Works" by James Wood.
If you haven't already, check out these tips from Pixar:
Personally, I think if you're writing a plot, you should be able to condense it into fairy-tale form: someone wants something, they don't get it, and they suffer, then they get it, and it's even worse! It's not what they wanted at all! Then the person either suffers, learns a lesson, or simply "returns from the dream".
If you're worrying about plot hole, you're working too closely on the details. Get the overall arc of the story set out first and set up the initial situation so that the consequences flow naturally out of the situation. For example: a man gets a newspaper that tells him the future. So first he uses it to win the lotto, but then he thinks about the obituary section and the various disasters reported in the newspaper. And so he starts to try and stop these things from happening. But then his own actions start appearing in the newspaper! And then his own death appears -- and his killer appears! Now he's trying to kill his killer before he's killed... but that person also as a future telling device...?! Then, as the plot progresses,he starts to think about himself as a person, about whether he has to right to manipulate the future like this, about the nature of destiny, and why him...?
And so on. It practically writes itself. And then you can think a bit about what you're really talking about -- is it about a man encountering forbidden knowledge, or about fear of the future, or about destiny, or maybe it's really about possibility and choice, or maybe something about human character... and you can start to fill in the flavour and characters with this in mind (for example, you may tune various personalities so that they show what "that kind of person" might do with the future-newspaper, etc. )
Anyway... hope that helps! Don't worry about backstory, work on the overall arc and what you want to talk about. The rest is flavour and detail.

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I am "that" anon, sorry that came across as more combative than it needed to be to phrase it. It's just that your description of "nohorns" tends to get a bit edgy sometimes.

np, anon. I just don't think there's any reason to think that humans have some magical something that makes their pairing and mating habits special and different from all other creatures. But be my guest -- if you want, go ahead and and invoke "love" to explain why some people get together, drift apart, write sonnets, or whatever -- but I think the basic biological urges and various mating strategies do the same job with less puffery. There's not such a big gap between the bird that collects shiny things for a nest or sings an incredibly complex song and the dude that does a wicked kick flip off a rail to impress the ladies. That's really, honestly, what I think.

Do you have any interest in philosophy or psychology?

Philosophy has been a hobby since highschool (really just fuel for comics). As for psychology... not really.

I started out reading this today in my PJs. Then advance to sitting here reading this in my underwear. I have to wonder how many of us are in this heretical PJs & Underwear club?

Everyone! Please reply with "=3=" if you're in the club!

... just to be clear, that anon wasn't me. I just wanted to know your opinion on the matter. U_U (love)

np, dawg, I didn't think it was you.
Anyway, I don't really see the sense in trying to say that all uses of the word "love" have something in common that a proper answer to the question "what is love" would capture. I think trying to take what the teenage garage rock band sings about, stuffy poet writes about , and what the biologist studies and tie them together in a single vision is just a mistake. There is no pre-linguistic naturally individuated phenomenon called "love" that is floating out there that each party dimly perceives from a different angle. They are all talking about different things.
I think the most useful thing in that grab-bag, for me, on most days, is what the biologist is talking about: the mating/nest-making/pair-bonding instinct. If you understand that we're all animals and that there are real constraints on the possibilities for mating, nest-making, and pair-bonding, then we can learn about these constraints, make better informed decisions, and interact with the world in a more profitable way. That other stuff about flying in the sky, whiskey bottles and pick up trucks, love letters in shoe lockers, or where-art-thou-Romeo or whatever --- well, it's all very pretty, but I have no idea what to do with that.

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Why do you keep saying this stupid psuedoscientific evopsych bullshit? Love is a multifaceted emotion which is the product of many different evolutionary and cultural factors.

You want a complete answer? Pick up a scientific paper, not a cartoon butt-drawer's ask.fm, you tool.

So "Love = Eating someone's poo" and "Lust = holding hands" is perfectly okay?

Of course. How can you say you love her if you won't eat her poop?
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