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Why's Makoto the favorite Idolm@ster if she has no himecut or twintails? Does she have secret booty?

It's no secret!

Do you ever dream of forcing Tomoyo to film you and Sakura baking a cake?

"Thanks, Tomoyo-ch(HN!)an... you're my (hahnn!) best friend...!"
"Y-you too, Sakura-chan... you too... ;~;"
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What if self-fulfilling prophecies due to overwhelmingly negative expectations and crippling self-doubt? What do then?

Eh, it doesn't bother me at this point. I don't see myself getting anything of value out of the arrangement. The risks and penalties are far too high and the payoffs are far too small and uncertain. Why play?

>aliened daughter - I don't know if that's the word you meant to use, but it made for a much more interesting story.


What if some perflat tomboy in spandex shorts decided to waifu you? What then?

Make her my bride immediately, have a cute twintail daughter named Cupcake, struggle to pay the bills, fail to pay wife and daughter enough attention, fights, divorce, crippling alimony, aliened daughter, watch perflat tomboy waifu get hitched with a Chad McHugeStrong and banged into eternity in the house I'm paying for and give away my daughter at her wedding and then live in an unending hell for the rest of my days.
No thanks.

I'm in my 20s an honestly just knowing that I probably have another 50 years or so left that I have to live is overwhelming. Is that weird?

Life is way too long, but the amount of quality time we have is way too short. Kind of a joke, really.
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30 doesn't equal old yet mang! If you think you're "old" at 30 what're ya gonna think at 40, Dan?

I know! I'm not looking forward to it.

What is Snax's favorite place 2suck?

Bikky's neck, of course! It's pretty rough now... ... ... it makes her sad to look at it... : <

What about physical needs Dan?

I'm not a young man anymore. Frankly, I'd rather work on a comic page than deal with the bother.
At this point I really have nothing to offer and there's nothing they have that I care to chase after. I'm not interested in a life-long emotional caretaking job and I'm not afraid of living and dying alone. I have no desire to have kids that I'll resent and ignore. I want to finish my comics -- that's it.
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dang it dan now you got me worried about ntr in my own relationship

tfw she's no longer satisfied and wants a more money/status/dick/points to complain-brag to her friends about.
Oh well.
dang it dan now you got me worried about ntr in my own relationship

What if she was a robot maid? Or even better, a clumsy robot maid?

Then I would make her my bride immediately and make one million roomba babies.
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