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Is there a recommended number of maximum votes? I just like too many...!

Just vote as you wish! But remember that voting for all of them is the same as not voting for any (if you care about most votes rather than total votes, that is).

>Go ahead. | I meant that she will surely win ;w; but I want to know how popular are all the other characters too.

Oh, I see. ;w;
Well, I'll put up a twitter poll now!
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How long until the himehorn overpopulate the caves? What would happen in that case?

It's a bit of a mystery. The herd has been underground in the caves for a long, long, long time (according to the herd records)... and the apostle has been shuttling around new herd all this time... just how big are the caves, really...?

Who is the sexiest of the currently active templars?

The most beautiful is the Eldest Sister of the Inner Guardianship. Not only has the White Witch bestowed her with the more refined features (beauty always being a sign of favour from the White Witch) her boobs are probably only a little behind those of the 444444th captain (said to be the most beautiful and fruitful of all previous captains). The star-shaped mole on her back is her only blemish, as the flesh she has been gifted has been marred neither in combat nor labor.

Which do you prefer and why: GURPS style skill improvement or D&D style class/level system?

I'm not a real paper RPG player... can't say. ;w;
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