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b-but he's [s]3D[/s]...

Then please enjoy your 3DPD abs and cumblast megadickings in every hole til the roof caves in on every house on ur street ok ok? ok pls enjoy (◡‿◡✿)
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What if you met a girl who wants to draw and be hikikomori too? Not all are super social gold diggers yo.

Maybe that would be okay! Well... that's what I want to say, but I know I'm too much for a hermit. It'd be fun for about 20 minutes, then I'd need my space and some alone time... like 8 months of alone time.

A cutest and a bat Vs a cutest and a best in a full blown cute fight, who wins?

A cutest and bat unless Cupcake's internet whiteknights flood the vote!

On average how long does it take after meeting Cupcake for someone to want to hold her head underwater until the bubbles stop?

OK ascuse me but I CANDO ON A BUBLE BATH on my caekSELF i am a BIG CAEK OK wow rode

Ever thought about playing FF14, Dan? You too could play a QT 3.14 cat-lady

No time, gotta draw cartoon vampire waifus and tweet stupid things. I am a busy man.

what would it look like if sakura met cupcake? how would they get along?

Uncomfortable! Sakura trying to be nice and get along, offering cake and pudding her dad made from the fridge -- Cupcake sighing and using her phone in the middle of conversation. Suddenly Cupcake would burst into tears -- she doesn't want to go home -- and they would start going on about my irredeemable butt-lust and forge a lopsided friendship (Sakura giving, Cupcake taking) centred around this shared sense of barely concealed loathing and disgust. Sakura will help Cupcake run away one of these days...! Away from that terrible house...!

cute inflation could become a serious problem, you need to establish a baseline so that the cute remain valued as cute otherwise you might run into the zimbabmoe problem. Anyways, as an artist what do you find frustrating about current gallery websites like DA, and what would you like to see in one?

Honestly I don't really use DA or other art sites so I can't say. I'm not sure what would get me on such a site -- I don't have any interest in networking and I can't customize things as deeply as I want and I don't want to depend on having a third party acting as a gatekeeper between readers and the comics. I'd much rather just have my own site.

Cupcakes aren't even real cakes, they're little babby shit cakes for people too pleb to eat a proper cake. When will there be real cake based magical girls Dan?

pls b a repect on a caek. There will be all sorts of food related magical girls and witches in Cupcake's series ... but big flabby round cakes are 2 A FAT &YUCK gross 2 b an a magic girl. It's not allowed gross no

What do you think of real_xxiii's dark skinned girl and ahoge girl? (As they are known on Danbooru.) They have giant breasts, but aside from that, the moe moe yuri relationship type kind of feels like your style.

I dunno. I wish they had some kind of backstory (and not the butt kind). As it stands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxK_nA2iVXwCloneManga’s Video 116514555506 CxK_nA2iVXwCloneManga’s Video 116514555506 CxK_nA2iVXw

For the Loomis set, you said start with 'Fun With A Pencil', right? Where would one go from there after they finish it?

Try the head book and figure book after!

As someone completely new to (and currently very bad at) art who is trying to learn and get better, I know you recommend Andrew Loomis' books, but which one should I start with?

Try "Fun with a Pencil" , then move on to head/hands and figure drawing when you feel comfortable! : >
Good luck and have fun!

Why is sponge cake so inferior to fruit cake? Why are frosting and icing so disgusting?

You make me sick. Pls b on a respect 2 a frost caek

Can the robot space devil king be a boss in Mother||Child? A hugely tall boss like him in a multilevel vertical room section seems like it'd be great in that game...

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That would certainly be cool -- I'll think about it...


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