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I have never seen Darkcake but she already skyrocketed to the top of my list of cutest lewdest bestest fetishest. I'm sorry Cupcake, but now I pledge my alliance and masturbatory routines to her.

what ok u dont NO on a cake ok
u SHUD B A RESPCT2 ON A CAEK and NOT A cdark caek ok its gros ur not evn a reel caek ugh
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Will out cutest and bestest ever wear bloomers and heart shaped contacts

Her arch-nemesis darkcake can have heart-shaped pupils. Why is she so lewd? Stop it, darkcake!
Darkcake: [tanlines] [dark skin] [white hair] [heart-shaped pupils] [melty mouth] [twintails] [spats] [tomboy]
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What is the lewdest?

Already answered this. Pantsu to one side, bloomers to the other+heart-shaped pupils with melty mouth.

"like dog feet -- corn chips!" - we used to call my dog frito feet, I didn't know this was common among dogs

Apparently it is!

Which three countries do you want to visit next?

1. Sidonia
2. Japan
3. The undiscovered country (but not any time soon -- gotta finish that Subject of Witches, and Mother||Child)

Regular ponytail, sidetail, twintail, pigtails, or braided variant of any of them?

Twintails a best. Sidetail a worst.

What do you like to have for breakfast?

Sausage, bacon, eggs, a bagel, hash brown, apple sauce, pancakes, and a tall glass of Boddingtons. That's what I like.
I reality, I usually have a toasted slice of bread with peanut butter or yesterday's leftovers.

You probably get this a ton, but how'd you develop your wonderful art style? Similarly, is there anything specific that you enjoy drawing the most?

Ha ha, thanks, man. =w=
Well, I started out drawing Sailor Moon fanart, went to a black and white style influenced by Tsutomu Nihei's BLAME! and Zdzislaw Beksinski for a few years,then ended up taking a swing back to a more cartoonish style thanks to Kill la Kill. It's been a strange journey. I didn't go into it with any plan about how I wanted my style to look -- just tried to solve problems and fix issues and looked for solutions wherever I could.
I like drawing flapping neck ties, scarves, black pages, and butts.

What one video game has had the most impact on your life?

ChrisCharabaruk’s Profile PhotoChris Charabaruk
Ecco the Dolphin.
It was the first game to show me that a game could also be a vision. Cryptic, strange, spooky as fuck, challenging, and left a lot of room for the imagination.
Runner up is Dark Souls -- it got me to quit making Free to Play games and made me remember why I got into the industry in the first place.

Earth is under attack by powerful but uncultured aliens. Our only hope is to show the aliens something that will convince them that humanity deserves to live. You can pick one single work, of any medium, to show the aliens. What'll it be?

Boku no Pico. No spoonfeeding.

If you could become invulnerable to only one of the following, would you prefer to be invulnerable to (A) Bullets; (B) Sharp things; (C) Diseases; or (D) Insults?

(E) Fatigue. Sleeping is such a hassle. I wish I could draw 28 hours a day!! ;~~;
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