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Defectivehorn Apostle here, You appear to be mostly correct about the herds wanting to collect nesting grass from my lawn. But only the herds new from the caves do that. The older herds collect seeds and nuts from my trees so they can plant and grow their own 'Herd Trees' so to speak. 1/?


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3/? Combine that with their Hindu like belief they have a reincarnation cycle tied onto their belief system. Some of the horns that recently moved over from the caves give the position of the Devil to be Algis. Fitting I will say.

Is this the face of a devil?
3 Combine that with their Hindu like belief they have a reincarnation cycle tied

2/? It appears that the horns be it on my world or in the caves revere the Southern Witch (and now my backer) as something like a God, with Apostles their avatars. It's like that concept is built into them at their hatching. Other wise they pass that way of believe to each other behind my back.

Somehow the apassal is always known in every herd... it's a real mystery.

Defectivehorn Apostle here, The aftermath of the fellow Apostle meeting me is still being felt. It's turned my home and land into something I could say as a holy site for the wild herds. Or something like that. It made me think more of the mindset of a himehorn. 1/?

The horns will probably come to gather nesting grasses from your fields now. Prepare yourself. ;w;

3/3 As much as I wanted her to stay and tell me more, she did have to return to her own domain and get back to work. At least I was able to give her a cake and some fresh grown melons for her to take back with. my herds won't calm down for awhile after her visit, i just know it.


2/? Having 2 Apostle here at one time, it's no wonder the herds are worked up. As much as I want to, I gave my word to her that I wouldn't disclose most of what we had to say when she came and visited. none the less, I now know more of what I can and can't do now.

This meeting is going to turn up in every defectivehorn record. ;w;
2 Having 2 Apostle here at one time its no wonder the herds are worked up As

Defectivehorn Apostle here. Well that was an interesting visit. The himehorn's old world Southern Witch Apostle dropped by and we had a talk. She explained some things to me while I answered some of her questions. I still feel like I am further down the rabbit hole now. 1/?

Apostle meeting!! It's happening!!

4/4 lastly if for some unknown reason my posts stop, then more than likely something bad has happened to me. Other wise I will let you know why It'll stop. Also, I will run under Anon status too. You might know me under my screen name.

Okay! Thanks for the heads (horns) up!

3/? I also know you own the Himehorns and what I write is little more than fan fiction. Yet I hoped that it will inspire you to expand your 'Himehorn-verse'. I know you are a busy creator and all, but I still hope it all helps.

I'm enjoying it a lot!
I'm definitely going to expand the hornverse. After all, there's Snowhorn... and who knows what strange nohorns (and wronghorns... and differenthorns?) she'll meet above ground...

2/? I do apologize if my postings to you have slowed down as well. Real life tends to get in the way. I also hope I am not boring or bothering you by doing all of this. If I am, let me know and I'll stop. The last thing I want for you to dislike what I do here.

I am always entertained. It's something I look forward to each time I log on.
In the background I've been hard at work bringing the Templar faction up to par with the background development that's been done on the Himehorns. I think I'm about ready to go, though.


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