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Does OL Sakura and Madoka's mom hang out after work sometimes? They go to a local bar and bitch about clients and down cheap happy hour beer.

I'm sure they complain about their no good husbands, too. I... I gotta get my act together...!
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> Loved it! ||| Glad to hear that. I played FFT all the time, and loved it every single time... then I got Vagrant History, so I played that until I broke the disc. Over 500hs in that one. My only regret is that I couldn't immortalize my saves of those games. Q_Q

Oh man, you just reminded me of Stella Deus. Literally the only game I've ever traded in. I bought it on a whim based on the cover art and was bored out of my mind. I really, really tried to give it a fair chance and I could not take it.
Anyway, I gotta play Vagrant Story -- Tactics Ogre, too. There are a ton of good old games I missed out on.

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If you were a hero, what kind of hero would you be?

Honestly, I'd probably be a batman villain. Not one of the top tier ones -- I'd be like... hmm... The Mad Hatter? Gets NTR'd, makes a fantasy land to retreat into, etc. It's a good fit.
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Bikky as a Guardian Force?

Man, I hated FF VIII so much. I was cursing the game every step of the way. A decade and a half later I don't remember a damn thing now about the characters or story... it was all so forgettable. In contrast FFVI is still quite vivid. FF IV, too. I actually got a little chill up my spine remembering all those scenes -- becoming a paladin, going to the moon, the twins turning into statues, Rydia's return... damn. What an adventure.
Anyway, I think the witches would make pretty decent summons. Bikky would make a good front line attacker with a HP sacrifice and overdrive mechanic.
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As Dan trains - chasing the white cake in the puddle of himehorn tears - his white whale marries, has six kids, and moves on in the sea.

Then I will hunt her children and bring her the suffering she deserves. All will be as it should be.

>I'm a couple hours into Disgaea 4 but haven't played it in many months... just too occupied with Vampire Bride. ||| Indeed, I really loved the first one ... and all the Disgaeas for that matter ... and anything that NIS releases ... you should try Disgaea D2, Laharl and the gang are finally back :D

Too many games to play! I gotta dedicate my time to Bloodborne first! Then probably Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold. I'll keep it in mind, though, thanks. =w=

> I love Disgaea! ||| I may add that your stuff reminds me of Disgaea a lot ... for some reason. *looks at all your DFCs* *Looks back and Etna, Flonne & Pleinair* ... Yup, for some reason, a very good reason. I would love to see them in your artstyle though... or your stuff made by Harada Takehito.

I drew Pleinair once, long ago.
Enjoy your Pleinair buttsmack:
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They're rereleasing card captor sakura where I live so I got reminded how a cutest and a best she is on the old school clamp artstyle. How can a single magical girl be so cute and stay so cute more than ten years after release? They should frame those manga covers and put it on the Louvre.

I agree. Sakura's cuteness is a treasure that must be passed down through the ages.
>mfw I realize that the greatest works of mankind have always been waifu figs and fanarts

What do you think about Final Fantasy Tactics?

Loved it!
The Wiegraf battle was ridiculous, though. My MC was so under-levelled that I had run around the room yelling until I could one-shot him with a megaton monk punch. Shit was right out of DBZ.
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Why can't anyone Heal Vampires?

The vampires come in two basic types -- those who are harbingers of the dark, and those who are taken by the dark.
The harbingers cannot be healed -- this is their natural form.
As for those who are "touched" ... The white witch's power is unable to reach a follower who has been enveloped in in the heretical dark. A dark seed has been planted inside her -- she is a wild growth, and no longer part of her garden. The offending branch must be pruned to save the plant and the garden. By the white witch's command, destroy the infidels! Burn the heretics! Exterminate!

Do you get any of your ideas and stories from dreams while sleeping?

Sometimes, but not often. I get my best ideas in the shower, just before bed, or when I'm lying down on my couch.

Is it wrong to think that OL Sakura is the best thing you've ever drawn?

Welcome to the world of OL moe.
I never thought I'd end up here... but here we are. It's a strange and scary place.
Next stop is comfy christmascake Sakura -- sweatpants, half apron, oversize t-shirt, eating some chips and half-off sushi take-out while lying down sideways on the sofa ... s... so moe...

...Does Darkcake have her own magical girl uniform? Or is she stuck using Cupcake's hand-me-downs?

She has her own costume. It looks similar to Cupcake's, but that's probably just because they're (half) sisters. The leotard design must come from my side...

If you could make real one of your creations, which one would it be?

Right now? Darkcake.
I'd like to take her to the library to get books, see her come home after school, talk about the day at the dinner table, watch her grow up and have kids of her own...
It's a nice fantasy.
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Do the Templars believe there was ever a time before the witches? Do they think that people lived and breathed before the witches appeared with their ineffable powers and inscrutable wills? Or are the witches constants of the universe to them?

The witches have always been there. The templar are sure of that. That doesn't mean that they were always so blessed to be in the presence of witches, though. They are living in a chosen age, as far as they're concerned. A difficult age to be sure, but that is why they are made to grow strong in the White Witch's garden.

Can we see some more of the 3 stooges himehorns? Pweaze? They are so silly-adorable. I'm also dying to find out how Bikky is doing. She wasn't looking to good. How U make me care so much about them? ლ(o◡oლ)

They'll be back! You'll get to see a lot of the three stooges in "A Himehorn's Daily Life".
Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying the characters. Feels good, man. =w=


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