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Are you perhaps so fulfilled with your work that your art went into the backburner?

Not really. I enjoy work, but I don't really like group projects that much.
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I went on Deviantart. I was confused by the amount of diaper furry vore porn. So I thought I'd ask a degenerate,you, to answer a simple question. Why? Why Danpai?

There just isn't enough, is there?
What a world, what a world...
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Freud would say you're being mastered by your death drive. You are regressing as an artist (video game design, more nana-ish style) while also trending strongly towards peaceful art, towards the pastoral (himehorns.) You're old: you want to die in the right way for the herd, out of the way, helpful.

I knew this would happen. This is why I took so much time off to do NNN before I turned 30 and became all boring and useless.

You still alive? You doing alright?

Yes, alive. ;w;
Doing better, but still no updates...
I'm going to work super early in the morning now to beat the heat (6-7am) but I end up staying late anyway because I want to get stuff done... I should learn to leave on time...

>anonhorn! | I see that you have adopted that word. It seems that you liked it... what is weird is that I have been expecting you to mix cake and anon in one word instead for quite a long time.

No, anon is not a caek ok wow only a caek can b on a caek
lerb it rite

>What if you suddenly woke up and looked in the mirror, finding out that YOU were Sakura cucking Dan this whole time? | I did that, once, sempai. it's kinda scary,but you get used to it

What if you suddenly woke up and looked in the mirror finding out that YOU were
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When are you going to admit that you have multiple personalities and that cupcake, sakura, tomoyo, leedah, haremhorn, etd are all just in your head?

What if YOU'RE just in my head?

Will Himehorns be in the next Ubi game?

Unlikely! I think I'm underperforming... who knows -- maybe I'll be on the cutting block! Ha ha ha! ;w;
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What if there were just two egg and someone dropped one? Who dropped it? What happened to the horns on the other egg?!

This is getting crazy, anonhorn!
What did the haremhorns put in your pipe?!
What if there were just two egg and someone dropped one Who dropped it What


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