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Is it that good? On one of my trips a hooded woman complimented my hoodie, or so I think, and gave it to me in exchange for what I had on me at the time. I gave her some cake, melons and himehorn trinkets that I had left. It saved me the effort to take them back with me so I didn't think too much

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Oh, melons -- those are incredibly valuable to certain nohorns. Sounds like a fair trade, actually.

A projection keyboard is a necesity when I have my hands dirty most of the time. Plus, smallhorns and haremhorns can't break it when they are helping me if they can't touch it... well, most of the time at least. In any case, its truly marvelous, I am glad I took it with me when I came here. 2/2

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>projection keyboard
W-what a fact witch device. Is there another witch out there giving out these devices? Or maybe the Apostle salvaged it from her secret stash... Hmm...

Indeed, I do have a new device. I lost my old one somewhere and I since I couldn't find it, I gave up on it. If I lost it in one of my supply trips is gone forever. Plus, I didn't want to bother anyone to help me find it. Luckily this one is also compatible with the stuff I used before. 1/2

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Part 1 from the @cakeist !

cakeist's cakes all use artificial sugar | Just so you know, most of the stuff I make is sugar free and when I do use it, is the most natural and healthy sugar available. Also, hello there GCW, I am back here. It has been a while I guess, jaja. I had to find a new way to interact here.

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Hello, Cakeist!
I see you got your own witch device. I'm glad to hear the herd won't get too many cavities. ;w;

I just realized I never found out how the art show went. How was it?

It went okay! Only downside is that it seemed that the participants (including myself) were chosen of the basis of DIVERSITY (one white guy, one white woman, one non-white guy). Sad! I'm sure they would have been happier if they could have found a trans black trans woman instead.


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