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Bwehtween human body/fuzzy head Snax and human head/fuzzy body, which does Bikky prefer?

She'll take the one with the fuzzy feet! She'd never admit it, but she can't live without 'em. It's her (not-so) secret fetish.
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Was it that interesting to read a spin-off of one of your characters?

Yes it was! Way more interesting than I expected.
Liked by: Leedah

What would you like to read for the next ¨story time¨? Hunting for ideas, I have one, more or less... but if something better arises, I can change my mind = 3 =

Surprise me! =w=

Maybe one story a month? ||| We are a few days apart from next month = w = ... let's see what she says. = v =

Okay! =w=

I read @Himehorn 's answer... sounds like it'd be okay if wasn't too often! ;w; I enjoy reading them. ;w; ||| ... = , = is that so? = v = I just don't want to be a bother... Then, how do you suggest to proceed?

Maybe one story a month? That should be okay. =w=

Hey Dan... What do you think it would happen if the himehorns suddenly appeared in this world?

It'd be nice if we left them alone. Realistically though, I'd expect that we try to integrate them into our society and make them miserable, even as we try to make them happier. Then they'd get used as a political football for various special interest groups, mismanaged, relocated to a few small reserves, then finally driven to extinction.

... I have been wondering... Why himehorns have belly buttons? Not complaining, just curious... because they are born from eggs, so...

Because I think they're cute.
You're right, though... they shouldn't have belly buttons.
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Saint Blossom Starry Leedah needs an opening theme song or an image/character song at least. How do you think it would be?

Probably a sad Enka song about Risotto ... it'll be really sad for the first half of the song, but as Leedah keeps singing she gets hungry and it starts to be about how tasty Risotto is and when's dinner haremhorn I'm hungr-- oh dinner's here! Mm~
Liked by: Leedah

What was your favorite part of the Saint Blossom Starry Leedah's story?

I loved it all!
Leedah's herd and handprint costume, the battle with the space skeletons, Risotto's sacrifice, Nohorn Rider Z's death, Leedah's rebirth... I even got to cross over and give leedah a slice of (dangerous) cake! ;w;
Liked by: Leedah

= v = I think I will leave it like that, if I did what I had in mind it would leave more questions than anything else, so its better this way ... I hope that at least both of you enjoyed the ride. = w =

I did! Thanks for running! =w=

=w= I could make a small addition to that ending... but I am not sure if it's necessary.

I think it's already perfect like this... but if you want to add a little epilogue, that's great, too! =w=

What do you think is the biggest difference between Kekkai Sensen and Death Parade?

Haven't watched either.

Now do you understand? =w= ... I still have one more until the credits start rolling... or two, not sure if I can make it with just one more entry.

;w; h... hooray!
Now do you understand  w  I still have one more until the credits start rolling
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Can I take a guess at what her fate will be? My money is that she becomes the evil witch through space/time shenanigans.

Nubum’s Profile PhotoNubum
I think she'll become a cake made out of skeletons.
Liked by: Leedah Attarou

What strange fate awaits Starry Leedah? | ... You will understand soon enough... I hope. Meanwhile, do you want a hint?

No hints! I want to enjoy it as it happens. =w=
Liked by: Leedah

= v = ... You thought the story was over, right? Nope, not yet... not sure if you will like how I will make it end, but I will give it my best... so you can at least understand what's happening... orz

What strange fate awaits Starry Leedah? ;w;
Uu... hang in there, Leedah!
v   You thought the story was over right Nope not yet not sure if you will like
Liked by: Leedah

I want a stuffed Bweh!

A cutest and bweh will visit folks around the world. =w=
Please don't keep a cutest and bweh to yourself if you host her. >: Y

Sempai, how come my Baller Armor doesn't come with the Baller cape the Baller Knights get to wear? I'm 100000% jelly. WHY CAN'T I BE COOL

At last you know our pain. We all had to wait for Dark Souls II for capes... and look at what we got. LOOK AT IT.
>: Y

Truly roguelikes are the future of video games, ASCII graphix, unforgiving mechanics and a strong sense of GIT GUD keep the casuals at bay.

I wouldn't mind more roguelikes. Especially if they have waifus. =3=

could we perhaps ever see a Nana, Tomoyo and Himehorn or Vamp crossover? =w=

Unlikely. It could happen in a Tomoyo42 metacomic... but yeah. Unlikely.

What do you think of capes? What about half-capes?

Both are good. A half-cape can be very cute on a meguca tomboy, especially if she has an uncharacteristically girly costume that she feels a little embarrassed about. =3=


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