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Not like F2P vidya appeal to the niche weeaboo market in the first place. (I don't quite remember the numbers but it was something like 5% of the playerbase actually spending money on f2p).

Yeah, almost no one pays, but a few pay buttloads. South Park did a good episode on that.
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Joke on them I'm pirating everything done by NISA and the likes until I'm good enough at moon to get it from the source.

This is another reason why game companies are moving to F2P and going after casuals... You can't pirate something that's free and the casuals aren't sophisticated enough (or inclined) to pirate... ;~;

If himehorns had male counterparts, how do you think they would be called? and how would they be?

They'd be even bigger than the musclehorns (though far less numerous) and fight each other to the death for the right to mate with the hornmothers. A single survivor would pump endless amounts of hornjuice into each hornmother in a week-long mating frenzy before dying of exhaustion. The hornjuice would be stored in the hornmothers' bodies and continue to produce strong smallhorns for the herd.
If himehorns had male counterparts how do you think they would be called and how
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You suddenly become a macho man, 2m tall, ripped even in places you didn't know you could have muscles. What would you do?

Hold hands with every a cutest on earth, dump them, block their numbers, and then settle down with a nice 2D waifu.
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Do you have wisdom teeth? :B

I had four wisdom teeth. I got 'em all removed at the same time (in highschool)... I took a lot of Tylenol 3! Ueheheh~ =3=

Sempai, why are there people who think words in vidya games are a bad thing? Can we banish them to the moon to get krumped by Decu-sempai? Didn't they ever play the first Zelda, where the whole story was in the manual?

They're just delusional, self-important snobs. Let's ignore them. >: T
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Dai Mahou Touge or Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan?

Don't forget Punipuni Poemi!
Anyway, love 'em all. If I had to choose, I'd go with Dai Mahou Touge.
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How do you feel about trash translation? (NISA & co). I don't get it, the games they translate appeal to a niche demographic who know what they are getting into, they don't need nor want to have everything remotely Japanese changed to 9gag epic memes. "Appealing to a wider audience" is bullshit.

It's exactly because they know they have a captive audience that they can do this. They know we weebs will still buy their stuff so they're free to try and widen their addressable market. That is, if I'm already going to buy it, putting one more dollar into pleasing me is a dollar lost if it doesn't get them closer to getting someone ELSE to buy it. That's just the way it is. : /

This seems somehow very relevant to the lessons you try to impart on us. Thoughts?http://boingboing.net/features/morerock.html

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Okay, I read it.
I think advocating space for the player's imagination is great, but there are a few (as I see it) errors in there:
1. Just jumping in and making something only works for very small projects with low consequences for failure, a limited number of stakeholders, and low accountability.
2. Related to 1: the stuff he hates in games is just due to big studios, big budgets, and market realities. That's it. Creating a stable ship based on imaginative genius is just not smart, and executives know it. What you want a product that is REPRODUCIBLE year on year by a interchangeable personnel. And that's what we have. Successful indie games are border case and luck plays a massive role.
3. The whole thing against menus and text, etc. is terribly biased against certain kinds of games (management games, for example). Let's be clear: good design is design that solves the problem. Discounting text, menus, etc. because they're inherently non-aesthetic, fail to capture the imagination or don't "rock" is just mistaken. A menu can absolutely be all those things, but it's also a mistake to think that those goals are either necessary or virtues in and of themselves.
4. Also a total mistake: taking "ordinary" written text and comparing it to a picture. First off, ordinary language use is not like artistic language -- the sort of thing that appears in a novel. Great poetry can stir the soul as well as anything. What he really should be doing is comparing oranges to oranges and compare two kinds of images: the suggestive and non-suggestive. But the difference there is just the same difference between ordinary language and artistic language.
5. Surprisingly, it's actually THIS guy who is illiterate when it comes to video games. As much as I love mysterious, atmospheric adventure games, there are NOT THE ONLY KIND OF GAMES. People want different things, and that means different player values, and that mean different design values, processes, goals. Why should a puzzle game submit to the values expressed in this article? Or any other adventure game, for that matter? A game, in so much as it is a product of its creators vision, must obey its OWN internal logic, values, and so on. The ultimate irony is that is folks were to follows these rules, they EXACTLY BECOME background of regular usage this guy wants us to rebel against. That is, they would become exactly ordinary symbols, menus, text, etc. only with a different coat of paint.
Anyway, I really hate this kind of buzzword-laden "think piece". I appreciate the general thrust (respect the player's imagination) but that's about it. Just more evidence that just because you can do an thing does not mean you can give a theory of it.

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S-sempai! I'm not the only person who spells it right! WHEN DID YOU LAST CHECK YOUR 'N'-PRIVELEGE?

Ssempai Im not the only person who spells it right 

How often do you know who is the person that asked you a question anonymously?

If it's punny, it's probably Attarou.
Is anon calls me "sempai" it's Espernyan.
Besides that, I have no idea!

>not VN, Dating sim is VN, it's all VN you dinguses, stop coming with those retarded distinguishes, it's all the same shit.

Are you sure? Something like Umineko is quite different from Love Plus. It's a useful distinction, I think.

Sell me a full experience, don't *casually* sell me a hole in my pocket ... I am not saying you CAN'T put VNs on mobiles, but to make it the right way is a whole different matter... when you ¨make the experience¨ for mobiles, it can end being something completely different than a ¨legit¨ VN.

Man, I am with you. If they could just be positioned like a novel instead of a game it might be possible. Selling premium games on mobile is really tough in a F2P dominated environment.

Thoughts on Harada's art? He's got such a unique style, and it's one of the draws (pun not intended) of playing Disgaea/Phantom Brave/etc.

I love his style. Archer a cutest! Drills and flat? Perflat.


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