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You are given the chance to bring one of your creations to everyday life except Algis because fuck eyebrows. What do?

Algis' eyebrows are the best.
Anyway, I would bring a himehorn to this world, start a herd, then get rich selling smallhorns, haremhorn headpats, and smelly musclehorn ab-rubs.
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Dan, what do you want on your gravestone? My vote would be the final update to tomoyo's room or whatever the most recent abandoned comic is.

I want a dozen weeping Cupcake and Darkcake lookalikes... my true 3DPD cake doughters.
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T-that's just fanon! | We can't trust you anymore, Dan. We will have to ask Sakura or Cupcake directly... maybe you confiscated her witch device just so we couldn't confirm the facts. You really are in denial, aren't you? Why fight it? She is happy, Dan! Think of your doughter's happines as your own

There's no way my a cutest apostle would be happy living in some herdcaves so far from home... ... come home, my a cutest.. ;_;
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Seriously Dan, work on your handwriting. Please.

It's too late, anon. It's stuck like that now.
Actually, I can "draw" the letters to make it look better, but that screws me up in other ways.
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SO... Cupcake has been married to the cakeist for 3 years now, and you have just been so in denial the whole time, to the point that we found out about him just recently? I am starting to think that the Cakeist x Cupcake shipper is just your psychiatrist trying to open your eyes.

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WAIT, if that was 3 years ago... does that mean that the cakeist was just a workaholic husband all along, and only goes back home just to get supplies because there is noone at home? And Cupcake was a caring wife that sometimes goes to see her husband at work when she has a work nearby? Holy shit.

T-that's just fanon! Stop it, anonhorn! STOP IT
WAIT if that was 3 years ago  does that mean that the cakeist was just a

When are you going to stop your doughters from being frosted by strangers? Or at least let a pro handle it ....

BTW.... Given that you already know a pro, that could/will take responsability if that were to happen. Why don't you just let one of them go with the cakeist? He is a good guy... or would you prefer them to go with ANY Chad that walks down the street? You know, like with Sakura. Let them know better
I think that the cakeist would be better father for all your doughters. Even the name fits better. Send them to the caves, they will be happier and you will have less trouble... and since the cakeist is a good guy, he would never reject them. Is the perfect exile, I mean, forced adoption plan!
Isn't that just marrying off my cake doughters?
REE ;_;
ree ;_;
oh... imagining giving my a cutest and a best away with a happy look on her face... it's almost bringing me to tears... happy tears... ;_;
... I can't believe this come was 3 years ago. ;_;
Where did the time go? ;__;

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Now I imagine the cakeist chained to a wheat grinder, and someone with a whip yelling ¨Keep 'em cakes coming, you cake peasant!¨ *whip sound*

You make her sound like some kind of slave driver! No, no... the cakeist would chain himself to his machine and whip himself -- all to make my a cutest and a best happier. And worst of all, making her happy would be happiness itself to him! There's no escape!!
Now I imagine the cakeist chained to a wheat grinder and someone with a whip
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When is cupcake's expiration date?

She'll become a Christmas cake one day while Darkcake is happily married... but won't a Christmascupcake has her own special appeal...?
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I get it now... all the shippers of Cakeist x Cupcake in reality were trying to just watch the cakeist suffer for the rest of his life, just like you... no wonder they are your fans, Dan. Truly merciless.

That's the power of a cutest... she opens up those manacles and you thrust your hands in willingly. And my a cutest and a best is a best at being a cutest.
Just like her mom.
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How many males exist in the VB story?

Well, there's Nohorn Husbando... and... er... hmm...
I guess the Gwupos are males? Sorta? They give off that vibe at least.
Also that flamedog Annis keeps around.
Oh, and that wolfdad in Enna's Domain!
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As nature intended!! | Cakeist, RUN!

That's the trick, anon. They always run, willingly, right into a cutest's hungry jaws... such is the power of a cutest ...
As nature intended  Cakeist RUN
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If cupcake were to fall in love, would she be a tsundere or go full dere?

She'd immediate ensnare him with her a cutest, whip him into shape, and then turn him into her servant for life. An obedient dog that slaves away for 50 years for his master's benefit! As nature intended!!
If cupcake were to fall in love would she be a tsundere or go full dere
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I don't know why, but for some reason I imagined the cakeist like a T-Rex with a chef hat and I laughed more than I should have. // I imagined the same thing when I saw that! I don't hate the cakeist, we are just very surprised she still has all of her limbs.

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Just keep the cake flowing, cakeist!

What would you do if cupcake actually fell for the cakeist and went to the caves frequently just to spy on him, poking her head from the door of the cakery without him noticing her? A pure and 100% natural sweet platonic love.

Probably cry. Who is this pure-hearted cake and what happened 2 my a cutest and a best muu~ ;3; ?
What would you do if cupcake actually fell for the cakeist and went to the caves
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From which city is the cakeist / to which city goes for supplies? I have read that goes out to get stuff once in a while in exchange for the trinkets the himehorns gives him. Are they valuable? How does he makes a living doing that? Something fishing is going on there...or at least, not fully baked.

There might be heretical settlements above, somewhere... but it's unlikely. The Templar would hunt them down and wipe them out. They wild branch must be pruned, after all. If there were to be any, they would have to be under the power of another witch, hidden in a realm beyond the White Witch's power, or living as true heretics -- unpledged to any witch at all (likely Vampire food given the current state of things).
Maybe the Cakeist has more going on than he lets on...


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