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3/3 I theorize the wild herd formed from other cast off defectives and likely are experiencing high rates of defects still. Until I know more about them, I'm just guessing. For now, they are keeping to themselves. And that's fine by me and rest of the nohorns here.

Mysterious forest mountain herd... I would be interested in pictures. Maybe I can send my Apostle to take a look. It will be a long walk through the caves, but it should be possible.

2/? I have not contacted them directly yet, but I do know they are having a hard time growing their numbers. Could be slowed egg laying rates, or many more dead eggs. Or they could be facing something else that is preying on them. I don't know.


What! Wild horns outside the caves!?// Cakeist Defectivehorn keeper here, Yes, they are here on my world, not the world they came from. Those witch caves are weird and I don't understand them. Still, the forested mountains could support a herd or more. 1/?


Was this the defective horn keeper's plan all along...?//Cakeist Defectivehorn keeper here, no that wasn't my plan. I was hoping to save a faction of them from soon to be coming exterminations be it from the vampires or Templar. 1/2

Hmm, I see...


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