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A nice guy to fill a certain hole in her heart ||| You mean the one you left? Come on now, her Electra complex is so strong she would probably rather stay single and take care of you forever.

B-but that would mean my super a cutest finding out about Darkcake... I'm not sure I would survive that.
A nice guy to fill a certain hole in her heart  You mean the one you left Come
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Jack of all trades, master of none... you started a lot of things, Dan, but maybe you should finish some at some point. (not get me wrong, your stuff is really good)

I'm slowly making progress on Himehorn's Daily Life... ;ww;
We'll get there! And eventually I'll leave games again and take a couple years to do On the Subject of Witches.
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>Darkcake really wants her own kids though | Given that she's obviously self-conscious about certain traits she possesses, the way she's treated by her parental units, I find that fairly hard to believe. She's smart enough to understand how genetics works.

Darkcake really wants her own kids though  Given that shes obviously
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Anon was triggered by your sexualization of the sexuality of cute homos, sempai. And Darkcake is obviously gonna end up with a jaded OL wife-husband-lady who'll take care of her and be cheered by Darkcake's pep and youthfulness.

Darkcake really wants her own kids though... and a nice guy to fill a certain hole in her heart. Pls b a respect on a Darkcake who is a good girl and does her best every day.
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smash your thing with a rock | Hey, Dan... have you ever seen the movie antichrist?

I watched Dogville and Melancholia, too. Good stuff.
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>enjoy yuri romance without feeling cucked/NTR'd ||| I'm all for the fetish thing but if you can't enjoy something unless you remove an entire gender you might want to talk to someone about that.

Who says I don't enjoy NTR?
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>after a while. | Get real, sempai, by the end of your first day with it, you'd be so on edge you'd actually be bleeding

Maybe if the mousepad made different sounds depending on how you bullied it? Poking, pinching, rubbing, etc.
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Darkcake is way too young to be wanting anyone, husband, wife, OR mutant alien! Also people being gay is not a fetish, blah blah, you shitlord, etc..

Being GAY isn't the fetish, it's being cute girls and kissing and holding hands that's the fetish. If they're not cute and doing cute stuff I'm not interested.
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>Darkcake >wanting a husband after being mistreated by a man her whole life| u wot m8

Darkcake isn't dumb. She looks around her and sees happy families out there... it's possible. She just got a bad break. But that's fine. A lot of other people have bad breaks, too. She works hard, does what's right, and does her best every day. She'll have family of her own someday... she wants a boy and a girl and maybe two or three dogs... maybe some ducks in the back yard too...

Was NNN a story about rewriting stories? Was the white haired girl rewriting Little Red Riding Hood but the story was refusing to change, hence the repeated train crashes when the narrative got derailed? She wanted the wolf to have a happy end and the Woodsman (wolf's bad end) was an antagonist.

coloredMayhem’s Profile PhotoColored Mayhem
NNN was mostly, for me, about the difficulty of saying things (more specifically, about the interface problems between words and world) and trying to capture (and at the same time produce in myself) a changed view about the possibilities of what you can do with words and art and why those possibilities might still be worthwhile.
As for Paper Eleven, I think that's pretty much the spirit of it. It's something like a dream born out of a wish to come into direct contact with a hidden world (the world of fiction, of art, etc.) and somehow failing to meet the requirements to gain admission -- so things go off the rails but we keep pushing on, sinking deeper in, but the whole thing is impossible and pointless and eventually time just wipes everything clean but there's no escape from getting sucked in anyway...
Well, that's how I see the projects at the moment. It may change again in five or ten years time.

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What do you think of the ¨Talking Oppai Mouse Pads¨?

Sounds like a million yenbux idea. Only the "kyaa~" every time you move your wrist would get annoying after a while.
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Is there ANY way to fuck a musclehorn or a haremhorn?

In the mouth, armpit, hair, muscular musclehorn grip, nursery haremhorn boobs, horn rubbing, thigh rubbing, lots else I guess.

Why are all your characters homo? (just curious, no judging)

Are they?
Darkcake wants to find a good husband one day... just not now, since she's busy studying and working.
Nana's adopted mama and papa were a couple.
There's also Kanami and onii-chan...
But yeah, there's a lot of yuri. Mostly it's because I like drawing cute girls, it's my fetish, and you can enjoy a yuri romance without feeling cucked/NTRed.

While I like the himehorns and such, I do miss the more....finished works (if thats the right word I'm not sure) Things like NNN that don't look like sketches.

Hmm, well there's Vampire Bride... though I want to preserve the sketchy look.
On the Subject of Witches will be refined like NNN though.
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How do you think Cupcake and Darkcake would look like if they were himehorns?

They'd both be wronghorns and get thrown out of the caves to die of exposure. ;_;
Cupcake would have a pink himecut that curls a bit at the end and bright candy-coloured horns... Darkcake would be drooling all over the place and have heart-shaped pupils, silver-white hair, and silver-white horns. ;_;


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