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Where did the comfy witch get all of her imoutos? Was there somebody in her past who knocked her up? Or did she adopt them? Are they naturally occurring imoutos?

They are musumes, not imoutos!
Almost nothing is known about the true nature of the witches. Where they come from, what they spend their time doing, where they go, etc. Vicky has gotten closer to a great witch than pretty much anyone else in recorded history and /still/ doesn't know very much. She knows that Enna is scary when she's mad, seems cross a lot, and if you give her stuff she can do stuff for you using her (seemingly limitless) power. She knows that Enna resides in a strange place "outside" the normal world and rarely leaves that place. She has no idea where the daughters came from-- they've always been there, they don't seem to be getting any older, and they're all kinda hard to tell apart.
Apparently there's a famous book in the Great Hall on the subject of witches ... ... but big, heavy books aren't really Vicky's thing. She likes adventure and kid's stories.

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If princess cupcake cake butt cake whatever is a cutest, why most of your pictures and doodles star bat princess? Check mate, caketheists.

ok u nede 2lern on a caek 4 a lesen??? rude
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Two tattoos - one with cupcake taking a selfie, the other of cupcake's butt. One on either cheek. What do you think?

I think you're going to have a hard time appreciating the tattoos unless you get good at taking butt selfies yourself.

I would be supporting your patreon if I wasn't a 27 year old NEET neckbeard mooching off my parents, dan

np, just reading the comics is enough. Thanks, man.

Pancakes aren't cakes and your liberal ideas will never convince me otherwise. CAKE CONTEST FOR TRUE CAKES ONLY, RACE WAR NOW

No, they are not true cakes be we should b a respect on a caek anyway and just pretend it's not their fault man just let it go

Do you know what happened to penrobokai?

I tried to email him a few times - kinda lost contact. I hope he's living happily somewhere... ...

work for nintendo so you can make a cupcake amiibo

I think I'd have to become a majority shareholder for that. Or at least blackmail someone.
Time to set up my cakebutt honey trap.

You have been called out of retirement for one last job. Er, what kind of job is it?

Big Boss Cakebutt is on back on the scene with a new product called "frosting", It's cutting into our market, the bills aren't getting paid and the muscle down south is getting restless. It could be an all out drug war unless we can put a little "pressure" on Cakebutt to consider an graceful exit from the market.
In short
we need you to
I'm sorry

Do you into Red Green?

Saw a few eps as a little kid, but didn't do anything for me. I got into Sailor Moon instead. Look what happened.

Can you make a comic about a magical girl who is dying from starvation in Ethiopia?

That is small time.
The real horror is not that people suffer when their needs and desires are not met -- but that even after all all needs and desires are met, the prize crumbles to dust, the curtains fall away, and it's curtains all the way down. And worse yet, knowing that's how it's going to be, you go for the prize anyway and curse yourself every step of the way, utterly helpless to stop yourself. That's how it's gotta be. Your truest, innermost self is the one that demands to be smashed against the hardest, realest corner of world until both are obliterated -- but there are no corners, and the self is like vapour.
What's a magical girl to do?
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Pls u shud remember on it
a plase & sum1 is do a fite 4 u
As long as ur a repct on a caek
ur not alone ok
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