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Do musclehorns enjoy termal waters like the hornmothers? Do you think they might like to play with toys in the water or something?

They associate hot water with being bathed and getting ROUGH SCRUBBINGS from the haremhorns. Musclehorns don't really have a concept of "playing" and don't really like to "relax", but they'll certainly rest or lift/wrestle if the haremhorns don't give them enough work to do.

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her blessings shall be yours. | what kinda blessings we talkin' about here, Dan?

Life after death, fruitful fields, protection from cold, and probably some nice threads or a pack of cigarettes on the side.

Aren't you feeling tired way too often? Don't die on us before finishing your stuf, Dan!

I stayed up too late last weekend marathoning anime! ;ww;
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What sort of defectives do you have available? Just want to see if you have anything which I would fancy. I'm willing to trade them in for a 0.8 ratio cake-per-defective. Maybe more, if it's an especially fancy defective.

Sometimes they're just slow, too tipsy, or can't smell... sometimes they're permanently bloodraged... and sometimes they have too many eyes, are just a ball of hair and horns and teeth, have organs on the outside, are all red with no happy horns, grey yolk, or are so bad that @haremhorn wouldn't even try to remember.


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