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Daaaaaaaaaaaaaan, no secrets D: it's not fair. How do you expect me to sleep at night now?

You'll just have to live with it, anon!
Daaaaaaaaaaaaaan no secrets D its not fair How do you expect me to sleep at

You should watch Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken ... short episodes of 4min.

I watched a couple episodes. I won't be swayed by this pig disgusting propaganda! >: T
Give me waifu or take my laifu!

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Hey Dan, what are your plans for your projects? In which one are you gonna focus now and what's next? Do you have anything new under your sleeve or something?

Right now, it's himehorns and Vampire Bride. After that, it's Subject of Witches and Puella Pantsuit. I also want to pick up and retune Metal Fist again at some point. And there are a ton of small short-story comics I want to do... and there's another something special I have up my sleeve, but that'll have to remain a secret for now...

Tried that first it just screeched at me like it was some kinda bat, just have to face it 3d bat waifs can't beat the 2d model -)_)-)

True. 2D > 3D, always!
Tried that first it just screeched at me like it was some kinda bat just have to
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Will the cutest and bweh plushies ever be purchasable, is purchasable a word....buyable...available for purchase ...look words buy bat when?

They're custom made and quite expensive/slow to produce.
I could make a cheaper mass produced unit in the future, but that will require a large order (probably 300 - 500) to make it economically viable. It's not likely to happen.
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Why does Snax spend so much time as a bat? Doesn't she like being a sexy vampire moar?

Power saving mode!
If she's big too often she'll need more blood. ;w;
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Thanks for answering my earlier question about recursion! I never studied coding in high school/college and I'm trying to learn, but my brain doesn't feel as plastic as it used to, so I appreciate the help. Any other important topics I should know if I'm trying to self-study? (Algorithms hate me lol

Hhrrm, hard to say! It depends on what you want to do.
Best bet is to join an online programming community and ask questions on http://stackoverflow.com/ when you need help. ;w;

Why does snax only feed off of vicky? Is it out of a loyalty to her or is it some special reason?

Actually, it's not the bat's choice... anyway, you'll find out pretty soon!

Dan, how do I understand recursion? This is some inception-tier shit

So think about making apple bunny slices.
Here are two functions that could make 'em:
bowl_of_bunnies function applebunny(apple){
bowl_of_bunnies bowl
while (apple size !=0){
cut off a slice
turn the slice into a bunny
bowl.add(the bunny)
return bowl;
So basically we start with an empty bowl, take the apple, cut off a little wedge at a time and turn it into a bunny, then add the bunny to the bowl. We do that over and over until the original apple is gone. Then re turn the bowl. That should be easy to understand.
Here's the recursive version:
bowl_of_apples function applebunny (apple_piece){
bowl_of_apples bowl
if (sizeof(apple_piece) == minimum slice size){
turn the slice into a bunny
bowl.add(the bunny)
return bowl
// if we're here, we know the apple slice is too big turn into a bunny, so:
cut the apple in half
now we have apple_slice_a and apple_slice_b
return bowl.combine_bowls( applebunny(apple_slice_a), applebunny(apple_slice_b))
Here, you can imagine an apple in front of a bowl.
It's too big to turn into a bunny, so we cut it in half and put each of those in front of two new bowls.
But they're still too big! So we cut those two halves half again and put each new slice in front of a bowl.
You can imagine a branching tree of bowl and apple slices, here -- each time the slice is too big, we cut the apple in half and spawn two new bowls...
Anway, when the slices are the small enough, then we turn them into a bunny and put it into its bowl.
Now we take each bowl and dump it into the parent bowl.
And then we take THAT bowl and dump it into ITS parent bowl.
We keep doing that until we reach the original bowl and we have all the apple slices in the bowl.
Er... I hope that helps...

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Dan how do I understand recursion This is some inceptiontier shit

Have you yourself read KoS yet? Or seen the show?

Yup, I'm all caught up on the Sidonia manga.
I've only watched a few episodes of the anime, though... I'll get caught up on it later.

I began reading Knights of Sidonia based on your recommendation of Nihei's work. Really, it's great and the art is absolutely fantastic. He's got such a unique and spectacular style!

If you think that's good, you should really read BLAME! -- it's his best work (I think the art is better, too). I reread it at least once a year!

When will we see the meeting of Bikky and Snax?

We'll get there! It's a cute but messed up story, ha ha ha... ;w;

Yes it was! Way more interesting than I expected. ||| What did you expect then?... and why do you think you liked it? ... I have no characters of my own or anything, but I am not sure if most people would like that kind of thing... as far as I know at least.

It's fun to see the characters take on a life of their own. I was expecting more cloaca stirring.
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Is is Vampire Waifu more bestiality than yuri?

Don't call her a bat-fucker! She's found true love!
Is is Vampire Waifu more bestiality than yuri

Does Bikky like it with socks on or socks off?

First on, then off. She especially likes the way the fuzz comes out as she pulls off the socks. The bat doesn't like it, obviously. She wants to wear the socks forever.


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