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If I haven't played an EO game, which should I start with?

If you have a 3DS, get EO IV. It's highly polished and has lots of quality of life upgrades compared to the entries on the DS. That said, If it feels too casual for you, try EO III!
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EO Anon again. I wondered beause you seemed kind of hyped for EO:U2

Oh, that's just because I missed out on the original EO2.

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So EO:U is good? I ignored it because The idea of EO:1 again just with more of a story seemed silly to me. Did I make a mistake?

You can skip it. It's definitely not as fun if you've already played the original. Also grimoires are shit.

I've decided to start drawing regularly and grinding my skills. Should I start practicing on natural mediums first or jump right into digital?

It's fine to jump into digital right away if that's what you want to do.
A word of warning, though: you may end up becoming a "fingertip drawer" if you start out and stick with digital... but at the same time, if you start with natural mediums and start to depend on your wrist and arm techniques you may end up having a harder time moving to digital in the future.
It's all trade-offs - I suggest starting out where you want to end up.
Good luck with your grinding! =w=

>Stealing eggs || I object to that, it's liberating them from a cruel Nohornphobic tyrant! Look at the banehorn, she's already making smallhorn soilders!

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All is as it should be.
Stealing eggs  I object to that its liberating them from a cruel Nohornphobic
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>Liking Ryogi Shiki >Not liking Ryogi Shiki or even Ryogi SHIKI // Shiki > Shiki > Shiki > SHIKI > SHIKI > Shiki > Shiki > SHIKI > Shiki > Shiki > Shiki > Shiki >>>>>> shit >>> your Shiki

Liking Ryogi Shiki Not liking Ryogi Shiki or even Ryogi SHIKI  Shiki  Shiki

Dan, you should write a little essay or draw a little comic about being an artist. (Maybe as an extra in the next book? A Very Special Episode of Tomoyo's Room?) I've really enjoyed the formspring answers on that theme, and I would like to see them organized and extended - I'm sure anon agrees.

Hrrm. I'm not sure what I could add beyond the already super self-indulgent biography comics in T42R...
I'll think about it, anon!

Dear greatest cakewitch Dankim; THEY'RE STEALING EGG MAKE THEM STOP! D: Sincerely x Leader

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So! It's come to this, then!
I've giving you a special power, Leedah. Use it wisely:
Dear greatest cakewitch Dankim THEYRE STEALING EGG MAKE THEM STOP D Sincerely x
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Have you got the power to let power go?

I've never liked leading or following. I like being on my own and doing my own thing.
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The a cutest from bravely default is obviously Edea. She even has a cute vocalization! Mgrgrgr...!

She is definitely the cutest!
But Magnolia is the new hotness...!

How many years was the Bikky character in the making? When did you first have her as an idea? When she first came into being did you know what she'd be doing in a story?

She spawned out of that purple-haired, spats-wearing magical girl in Cupcake.
You can see the various failed attempts to bring Vicky to life here:
and here:
Sometimes people gripe about comics being killed off, but it's really just tossing away prototypes and working with the results. All is as it should be.

Have you ever looked at a book on drawing manga and felt that something was wrong? Like when looking at a robot that falls into the uncanny valley?

Nevermind the books -- that's how I feel every time I draw.

You actually enjoyed Bravely Default? Even with the stupid padding?

It was a great except for that Endless Eight bit at the end! I love job systems and the characters, world, and music were all so charming. The battle system was fantastic, too. And the smooth as butter interface design!
Anyway, I'm on board for another iteration. Magnolia a cutest!
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Vampire Bride and Cupcake are being made into an anime! Who would you cast to VO each character?

Someone suggested Tamura Yukari doing her Muromi voice for Cupcake. It's not a terrible choice.
Bikky should have a worn out tomboyish voice with a surprisingly girlish laugh. The bat should have a pokemon voice when she's in fuzzy feet form.
Annis sounds like a yankee, obviously.
Smoking templar sounds like she's always in on a joke (and the joke is you).
Enna always sounds like she's surrounded by idiots and can't take it anymore.
Best daughter is KUKUKU
Himehorn hornmothers are Mashiro-tan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8MIAW2vYhcCloneManga’s Video 125748110194 d8MIAW2vYhcCloneManga’s Video 125748110194 d8MIAW2vYhc

Will you play Etrian Mystery Dungeon, or do you think it's heresy and not true EO game?

I was interested until I saw the gameplay. Ehh -- I'll be waiting for EO2U and EOV. Oh, and Bravely Second, of course.


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