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Exactly how fragile are the hornmothers? Could they break their internal eggs just by tripping and landing on their stomachs? They don't seem like they have a lot of padding to protect the eggs.

A serious fall could be bad, but bumping into someone or little slap on the horntummy isn't a big deal. Being stepped by someone like Vicky will destroy their insides.
Also please don't fug a hornmother. You'll kill her.

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I had assumed that Subject of Witches and Vampire Bride had a shared universe because of the names of the witches, but apparently I was mistaken?

They are tangentially related. On The Subject of Witches will take place in PNNY's world (mostly).

Crap, I confused The Subject of Witches with Vampire Bride! I'm actually adapting Vampire Bride. Though most of your campaign conventions still apply, delightfully enough. Thank you!

Oh! Awesome! I've actually really been hoping someone would make a campaign in the world.
Please don't let your players bully too many himehorns! ;w;
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I wonder if being stuck in a cave is going to stagnate himehorn evolution or force them to evolve to become more interactive with outsiders and adaptable to change. Do the Witches have a plane for them of any kind in this regard?

The witches seem to have a plan for everything... but who knows what that plan is? They are beyond the understanding of mere mortals.

Did the himehorns ever get along with their neighbors before the apocalypse? Or was it always TEMPLAR SMASH!?

They're monsters, anon. Monsters!
Why are nohorns so evil? Why do they do such terrible things?
When the greathorn forgot to give the nohorn horns, did he also forget to give them a heart...? ;~;
Did the himehorns ever get along with their neighbors before the apocalypse Or
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Are you still selling the NNN book? I was thinking of ordering it, but I seem to recall something on your twitter about it not being available anymore, though maybe I am misremembering.

Skai Rue
It's available!
Paper Eleven is currently unavailable. I was working on an updated version, but the old pages are so low resolution that I don't thin I can make an honest sale. It was fine to sell as a kid doing comics as a hobby... but now I have reservations about it. I could redraw it, but I'd rather spend the time working on new content.

Can himehorns drink alcohol? Would they? To put it a different way: cake is good, but is rum cake better?

They were drinking a lot during the previous leader's funeral feast. ;~;

I bet Himehorns' horn growth responds to fertility hormones(their estrogen equivalent). Hornmothers need more for their egg laying so more horn growth. Musclehorns & haremhorns don't egg so less estrogen(or equivelent) and therefor small horns. Therefor large horns are a fertility symbol. Wheee…

>I bet the hormone level is in response to pampering too.
That makes sense!
The haremhorns must have found the previous hornmother leader ultra-pamperable. Dem horns.
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Do himehorn understand the concept of mercy or compassion? Do they ever assist or give shelter to other life forms in trouble? Do they always respond "nohorn go home" to everyone?

Snowhorn nursed a nohorn back to health. Does that count? This sort of thing is an exceptional case though. Most other creatures would probably be eaten (or thrown away if they look sick). Don't leave your kids unattended in himehorn territory...

I feel like I walking into an interview with a biologist half the time, Do their horns serve any function?

In the distant past, a musclehorn's horns may have been used to intimidate others and skewer enemies, but now they are mostly for show. They are still strong enough to skewer, but himehorns now stand upright and their use is greatly diminished. The horns on the haremhorns and hornmothers are totally useless and are simply there because all himehorns share the same developmental path (roughly, horns on a haremhorn are like nipples on a man).
The fact that a hornmother's horns continue to grow throughout their entire life may be connected to their egg-laying ability (maybe those traits are linked up in the underlying machinery) but no one really knows for sure. (btw, A haremhorn's horns stop growing early on, and a musclehorn stops around the time they get HUGE).

Do himehorns understand lewd?

Well... sort of. The hornmothers feed good when they lay eggs. All himehorns feel good when they are combed (even musclehorns, though to a somewhat lesser extent - they sometimes have to be badgered into washing and grooming). Their feelings are not the same as ours, though.

So outside of slowly creeping outward as their population grows, even if the world hadn't gone to hell and the himehorns bullied into submission, would you say the himehorns really are rather docile as long as one didn't stray into their territory?

Pretty much. In their natural environment, the herd reaches a maximum size and territory and then doesn't stray much from that area. New herds may bud off, but they tend to settle far enough away that their paths don't cross again.
Himehorns have no love for power or conquest -- there are no himehorn females that select males based on power and status, so those traits never appeared. At most, the hornmothers have a wish to protect the herd and their eggs and be pampered. Sometimes they get a little jelly if one hornmother gets tastier food than another, but so long as the leader is there everything get straightened out.
Anyway, just leave their territory and eggs alone, and you'll find that himehorns are pretty chill.
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>When the herd gets too large the witch-apostle escorts restless hornmothers to another safe area (supposedly) | RIP. ;_;

N-no! They're living happily in another cave! ... W... why would you doubt the witch=apostle? She brings us candy and cakes and smells right... she can't be bad...
When the herd gets too large the witchapostle escorts restless hornmothers to

You live in Montreal you said, right? If someone were to visit soon, what would you recommend them to see/do in the city?

Hit up the restaurants, check out Old Montreal, grab a Montreal-style bagel at St. Viateur (they're quite different), try some poutine, try the smoked meat at Schwartz's, go the bakeries, check out the churches and museum... if you're coming during the summer, see the Cirque du Soleil, F1 Grand Prix, enjoy the many outdoor cafes, the Biodome, the Fantasiafest film festival...
... There's a lot to do.
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Do Leader Hornmothers ever send a Himehorn out of the cave as emissaries, representatives or to find things?

The himehorns don't go on the surface anymore and the deep underground is too dangerous to travel. When the herd gets too large the witch-apostle escorts restless hornmothers to another safe area (supposedly) but that's about all the travelling himehorns do.

I'm adapting On The Subject Of Witches to run in Chuubo's Wishgranting Engine tabletop RPG. Stuck on coming up with campaign conventions (universal rules about the setting). So far I've got "Cuteness is a Virtue" and "Suffering is inevitable". Any I should add? Are the two I've got accurate?

The two are accurate. As for additional campaign conventions... I'm not really sure what the limits of the system are, but here ya go:
- Comfy is a virtue (comfy castle, comfy witches, comfy life)
- Castle of Leaves (the castle's internal space is not always reliable)
- Where is everyone? (Sparsely populated world)
- Small Universe (the castle, the town, and the waters -- that's all there is. Only the ferry folk can traverse the waters to other places...)
- Closing up shop (the castle is slowly being shuttered)
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What is your favorite magazine?

Game Players magazine... before it became Ultra Game Players.
Those who remember, raise your skullbats in pride.

Does it bug you that most of these questions tend to be about your fantasy daughter and wife getting violated at your expense?

W... what're you saying, anon? ;~;
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I don't see the issue. She'll move back in with you and Sakura and freeload off you while getting frosted every night while you're stuck taking care of her little cakes. Win-win.

.... ... looks like I'm going to have to find a job... maybe two -- no three, jobs... ;~;
I dont see the issue Shell move back in with you and Sakura and freeload off you

That last anon's comment makes no sense. How could she still be a Christmas Cake if she has small cakes in her oven?

She'd be a single mom with a baker's dozen of mini cupcakes - each one from a different frosting donor. ;~;


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