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Do himehorns understand the importance of the duckface? The idea of a musclehorn going "muuu~" makes my heart go doki doki

It's a moe technology far beyond them, anon!

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Do musclehorns speak at all? You've said previously that haremhorns whisper things, but do they speak out loud ever?

Musclehorns are the strong, silent type. You might hear them let out a terrifying bellow during a feeding frenzy or during battle, but that doesn't happen much these days. They must be able to talk, but maybe they don't have much to say...
The haremhorns probably prefer to avoid making too much noise -- it might be an adaptation from an earlier age when they had natural enemies... since they're around eggs and motherhorns all the time, it pays to keep quiet... or maybe there's so many of them that it'd be tough to talk if everyone were loud? There are a lot of possible reasons. In any case, haremhorns consider it just the height of shamelessness to presume to speak above a whisper -- that's reserved for hornmothers.

Would it be safe to say that in the average himeherd that the top haremhorn is the Malal to the Leedaaah's Kharn?

The top haremhorn spends all her time breastfeeding, warming eggs with her body, playing with smallhorns, snacking, and sleeping. In fact, since she'll spend her days in the nursery, it's unlikely that she'll see the leader more than once or twice in her life. Amongst the low-ranking haremhorns there's a team that cares for the leader and prepares her food, but they're not exactly the leader's right-hand horns or anything.

What role does the Leader actually perform? It seems the herd would run without any particular leadership entirely based on instinct. Himehorns seem to have human-level intellect, do they not?

The problem is that hornmothers can still issue commands and there's no natural order of precedence to these commands. If the hornmothers make conflicting commands, the herd falls into disarray. There has to be a last word and "most important thing" for herd to operate smoothly -- that's the leader. When the leader is happy and well fed and her orders are followed, everyone is happy.

So the haremhorns are really the ones in charge?

The hornmothers definitely feel like that sometimes. Then another plate of snacks arrives and it's time for combings and it doesn't really seem to matter anymore.

Do hornmothers ever eat their young or eggs in times of stress or famine?

The hornmothers rarely notice a famine -- it's carefully hidden from them. The low ranking haremhorns and weakest musclehorns are fed less and less and then allowed to starve. The hornmothers will continue to be fed at their normal amount and the eggs will continue to be cared for. If a starving haremhorn ever ate an egg... well, no one has ever heard about it. Then again, they'd never let anyone know about such a thing if it happened...

Hello? Is this the Templars? A herd of horned ones have overrun my kitchen after finding a cake recipe, how do I remove them?

Hello, you've reached the Guardianship emergency hotline.
To report a bat, bat related incident, or talk to our operators about heretical bat-related feelings, press 1.
To call in an extermination squad to your current location, press 2.
For assistance with melon planting, growing, cooking, or other melon-related activities, press 3.
For assistance with heretical feelings about melons, press 4.
If you are trapped in closed loop or been compressed into a degenerate space and numbers still exist, press any number now.
For today's super-lucky prayer, please stay on the line.
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What would the himehorns do when they learn that their cakes are made with himehorn eggs?

First of all, the wouldn't believe it. They'd deny it until you baked a cake in front of them... and then they'd start going crazy the moment you started separating eggs. During the mixing you'd get criers and fainters. During baking the himehorns would die a bit inside minute by minute. By the time the cake is cooled and frosted and on their plates, the himehorns wouldn't know what's what anymore... are they cakes? Is this what they were born for? Why would the greathorn do this? Why?
What would the himehorns do when they learn that their cakes are made with

I want to marry Snowhorn!

She is the cutest, isn't she?
Anyway, please don't abandon her or treat her poorly. Her tiny himehorn heart couldn't take it.
I want to marry Snowhorn
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I could never make up my mind how mothernorn robes are really supposed to look around the collar. Is it a two layer thing like a Kimono? And is there a cross hatch pattern in the outer collar?

It comes in two layers and there's a crosshatch thing going on with the collar area, yeah. I'll spend a little more time drawing it correctly... and maybe I'll make a little strip about dressing up a hornmother in A Himehorn's Daily Life.
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Mushrooms! DoHimehorn eat a lot of them? I bet they found some that make them hallucinate too. That might be hilarious as long as they don't fall down and skewer other Himehorns.

Mushrooms are a nice treat for himehorns. The haremhorns are always careful about the ones they gather -- they only pick the safe ones.


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