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How do you get rid of your boredom?

I'm never bored. There'a always too much to do!
I always go to bed thinking about what I have to do the next day and what I left undone...

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Which one of your projects so far is your favorite?

I always like the current project I'm working on.
That said, the heart and soul of the comics will always be Tomoyo42's Room.

I want the snowhorn VN but better you make it with a happy ending and that will be the end of it. I will not look for you, i will not pursue you. But if you don't i will look for you and i will found you

True End: "You are my herd"
Good End 1: "Happy herd, happy eggs, happy horns"
Good End 2: "I became a mother hen...?!"
Normal End: "The journey continues"
Bad End 1: "Nohorns are bullies after all..."
Bad End 2: "You were my Snowhorn"
Secret End: "Snowhorn go home"

How long do you think it will be until you finish Vampire Bride? Months? Years? DECADES?

Let's aim for a Christmas miracle.

Have you ever had wrist, finger, or neck problems? If so, how did you deal with them?

I had some back pain for a while. I changed my drawing setup so I wasn't leaning over my tablet.
I also developed a very sensitive spot on the left side my of middle finger's second joint -- right where I tend to rest my pen. I started wearing soft gloves (99 cents the drug store... I cut off the finger tips to retain touch controls -- really nice actually).
Also: wrist problems. I changed the angle of the tablet and lowered my chair so I don't put so much pressure on the wrist. Now I can draw comfortably all day.
You can also get depressed just sitting around all day. Doing just five -- yes, even FIVE minutes of exercise can really help. The gap between no exertion and ANY exertion is huge. You'll feel like a million buck the whole day. I start off my day with some pullups and pushups and do some rice bag squats. Nothing strenuous, just enough to wake the body up. I'm not lying -- the difference is massive.
Anyway, some problems are pretty much unavoidable if you sit around and draw all day. There are some small steps you can take to hold the ship together, though. Hope that helps!

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What if we accidentally give the bat so much blood we pass out and can't send her to her next destination?

You're overfeeding and spoiling her!
Don't do that. You'll turn her into a Cupcake!

Something I believe will appeal to your tastes: http://existentialcomics.com/comic/1

Along the same lines:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdxucpPq6LcCloneManga’s Video 126185716338 pdxucpPq6LcCloneManga’s Video 126185716338 pdxucpPq6Lc
As for myself, I think that replacing all the pieces of a ship and asking "is it the same ship?" has to be answered with "for what purposes?" -- that is, what differences do you care about? From there it's a battle over which descriptive frameworks to deploy and which purposes to serve... or you can dream up new ways to look at things and try to see how these new ways of looking at things play together with the old ways.
Anyway, in the absence of any purposes either no answer or any answer will do.

Sempai, how do I get anon to stop asking if I'll marry him/her/it/them...?

Say the magic words: "3DPD"
Anon will understand.

Can we feed the bat a burger?

Eat a burger and then give her your blood. She'll be happy enough with that.

>Bibim Naengmyeon // Do you like Koreanized Chinese food, Dan? Like Jjajjangmyeon, jjambbong, etc?

My mom and sister love Jjajjangmyeon, but I'm not a fan. It just tastes off to me.

Favorite food?

Canadian food: Burgers
Korean food: bibim naengmyeon (I'm drooling just thinking about it. So sweet and spicy and delicious...)
Japanese: Sushi
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Dan, how long approximately do you think each person will have the bat on the world tour?

You can have her for a week. =w=
Please enjoy your time together, take pictures and videos, sign the card, take one of the "secret treats" for yourself, and then send her safely on her journey. =w=

Would you like to live in the world you have created?

Nope. Not unless I could chill out in Enna's domain and trade junk for games.
Maybe I could spend my days in that secret game store... the sleeping medusa girl who lives there is pretty cute... hrrm....

Have you seen Katanagatari? or Bakemonogatari? (not related)

I watched Bake. It was alright.
I saw some clips of Katana. The animation was cool.

>She makes a couple little snow-himehorns and curls up with nohorn husband. He's her herd. This is their herd. That's the most beautiful thing I've ever read. Please make this comic.

Already queued up. =w=
Liked by: Evil Steve

Dan, shoehorn VNs are cool and all, but that's gotta get in line after Mother||Child. I NEED IT TO LIVE.

That's "snowhorn"! Why must autocorrect bully?
Anyway, yeah, one thing at a time...

Do you have any new project in mind?

Too many, but I gotta get this Vampire Bride thing out of the way first!


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