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How often do Edna's daughters leave her witchouse? what do they do outside?

They leave every now and then to play tricks on people outside, but they're usually most active after the new years festival where people give their offerings to Enna. The offerings are (useless) library tags from the ancient library under the city and Enna's daughter spend the tags back into the economy by buying up used games and other strange artifacts from the "secret shop".
They also enforce have little contests between each other and (of course) enforce Enna's edicts:
(thanks to @airtighttrash for the comic)!
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Hypothesis: the entity known as ALGS is a being of preservation, not fertility nor creation. Further Hypothesis: ALGS is therefore unable to propagate her crops by means of sexual reproduction. She (a Gardener, as often pointed out) propagates them by a means similar to cutting.

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cutting_(plant) Evidence: the Templar sisters honored by ALGS experience a "tilling of the earth", causing her "pain and torment", resulting in a reproductive means that is "unnatural" Inference: As ALGS is of preservation, she resists change (e.g. crossbreeding).
Corroboration: She opposes the spreading of seed and fruit by her crops on their own accord. Speculation: The devastation of ALGS' garden was caused by crossbreeding of her crops (see: growing feral). ALGS' nature demanded she prune the mutant weeds.
Further Speculation: Existing Templar policy against independent fruiting is intended to prevent an ALGS-driven pruning. Query: melon metaphor remains unexplained. possibly mere sexual allusion Conclusion: ALGS is the sympathetic villain of Vampire Bride. Great Cake Witch is Rusemaster-class Demon.
That's not in your inventory.
That's not in your inventory.
Your speculation pleases the white witch.
When you return to her garden your soil will yield the sweetest melons.

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Hypothesis the entity known as ALGS is a being of preservation not fertility nor
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>Warning: she might steal your balls.|| What if I told Enna there was an easier way to get the seed than taking my balls?

It's too late, anon. RIP in pieces.
Warning she might steal your balls What if I told Enna there was an easier way
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https://youtu.be/K84ZjTY_cTo ...From Alpha3 to now ... have some ojou-sama laughter. I wonder why they changed her japanese voice at the beginning of the trailer, if she speaks japanese when she attacks :/ even Rashid says BAKANA! at the end of this one. WTH.

Probably just didn't have the fighting sound effect ready for all regions or just didn't think it was important enough to re-record or edit those parts.

Your cutest and best comes into your room at 3am. What does she say to you? What do you want her to say?

What she says: "Daddy I ran outta gems pls by a gem2 me ok muu~ i went 2 playa gaem mor =3="
What I want her to say: "caeknight I luv u daddy muu~ =3= i wont stay up a laet nemore =3="

What's the deal with Algis? Is she a cunning evil mastermind or a cute witch with a crazy cult? She scares me just by being cute.

From "Children, Reproduction, and the White Witch" in the Vampire Bride Wiki
( http://manga.clone-army.org/wiki.php?entry=templar ) :
The Templar have long considered the nature of the White Witch and their relationship to her. Of course, to serve the The White Witch is a blessing, and they feel joy beyond joy in increasing her followers, but they know their manner of fruiting is an unnatural one -- unlike all other beings they have encountered. And the pleasures of their own flesh... why do they feel such things? Why must they endure such pain and torment? Theories abound, some stranger than others, but the standard is this: that the White Witch's power, although vast, is not infinitely flexible. She may actually be a gardening witch of sorts, and they are like potted plants in a garden. So long as they remain "domesticated" by her, they may receive her protection... but if they spread their seed and fruit on their own, she may be forced to leave them or prune the offending branches. Such a state of affairs would also explain Her love for all things melon, fruit, and of the flesh.
Still, the White Witch herself has never made things clear, and the Templar dare not ask her directly. At least it is clear that Algis loves her followers: she tends to them, observes their growth, and takes great pleasure in their fruiting... and when they yield great offerings, she is doubly pleased, and sews The City afresh with new seed.
She loves her little garden. It is a shame that this age requires such strict pruning, weeding, etc. to keep the garden healthy...
You may also be interested in the entry on melons:

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Whats the deal with Algis Is she a cunning evil mastermind or a cute witch with
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Why did the first hornmother introduced have a weird himecut? Why was she already crippled? Why was she so stupid as to deny a Templar and then bully them?

All these answers and more by the end of the Himehorn's Daily Life!
Why did the first hornmother introduced have a weird himecut Why was she already
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How would a hornmother react to a really mean no horn breaking all her eggs in front of her? Would she just cry and shit or would she actually go psycho?

She'd lose her mind and emit her special leedah alarm scent. In a normal situation her musclehorns would RIP AND TEAR the intruder. She might be mentally scarred for life, though... there's nothing more horrifying than the smashing of eggs. The herd would probably be paranoid and on heightened alert for the rest of the leedah's leedahship.
How would a hornmother react to a really mean no horn breaking all her eggs in

Dan my girlfriend told me I have to stop saying that my waifu...|| Is she really your waifu if you need a girl on the side? You can appease your 3d fetish without cheating, anon. Just get a pillow and a fleshlite. Put the fleshlight in some warm water.

<-- posted for cheating anon
Get a good daki of your waifu, anon.
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What's the difference between admiration and jealousy? Is it ever possible to turn the latter into the former?

Just focus on your own rock, anon, and keep pushing. Soon matters of jealously and admiration will simply fall away. They won't be important.
Good luck, anon.

Why are child soldiers so much more of a threat than walker gears, sempai? (Can I non-lethal them and be okay? I'm hesitant to SCIENCE! with children and military-grade weapons tech, y'know?)

I haven't got that far yet! I've been doing all the side ops... ;ww;

Favorite game console?

Right now? My Vita. Great screen quality, perfect for playing in bed or on the subway, doesn't need a stylus, tons of weeb games.
Of all time? Probably my Sega Genesis since that's what got me hooked on gaming: Sonic, Jungle Strike, Ecco the Dolphin: Tides of Time. Good times.
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