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I really read Vampire Bride for the moe lesbians, yet I know that one day, it will all come tumbling down, tumbling down... And though I may object, I secretly love it.

=w= ufufu... you know I know you love it.

Dan, why did you change the vampire bride thing to a moe lesbo stuff? It looked like a goreful story before, and it seemed to be really cool.... Not saying that how you decided to follow isn't cool, tho.

It's time to recognize me as a healing-type writer!
... ... ... Ufufu.... you have no idea. Keep reading. Bweh heh heh heh...
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Anything ever going to happen with Metal Fist again? I only ask because it's still listed under active projects on the site.

Yup! I have a oneshot and a longer series I want to do - but I'm working on Vampire Bride at the moment.
Actually, I really need to stop grinding and just do pages. I could honestly do 2-3 pages a day, but I keep falling into the old trap of wanting to make small improvements on the current page when I should take the long view and just think about how much better the thing will look in 300 pages if I just keep going.

How would you explain MGNQ to your grandmother?

So there's this moon rabbit in this electronic lounge where autistic manchildren gather to listen to it tell stories about underage girls in the year 40000 drinking, shooting, fucking, lifting weights and eating pancakes.The girls have magic powers and the manchildren want to marry them and there is some kind of fish sausage ritual at the end of every story session. There is also a talking cat.
This has been happening three times a week for more than two years.

What's the most unusual thing you've seen in the street?

A dead guy. He died right in front of me! It looked like he slipped on the curb while talking on his phone and hit his head. The person on the other end of the line must have lost their mind.

Your last drawstream was the first time I've heard you. You actually sound cute, no homo. Is Cupcakes cuteness rubbing off on you?

=3= thx 4 a notise on my a cutest and neckbeerdest!!

>Sayaka lifting in her meguca outfit Wouldn't she be more comfortable in shorts and a tank top?

Why wear anything at all?

If someone asked you to dump a bucket of ice water on your head, would you do it?

No, it'll get into my circuits.

The year is 199X, and MGNQ: The Game is taking over playgrounds all through the land. But in this pre-Wikipedia era, anyone with an uncle who works at QB Heavy Industries can spin a yarn, the lie forgotten when a more audacious one comes along. What's your favorite baseless MGNQ: The Game rumor?

Twitter NEET Symphony
There's actually a way to beat the second Mami battle and have Midori survive into act III. If you finish the game with her the staff roll will have lewd Murder Mayumi drawings in the background.

What is wrong with killing yourself if you have it set up to not be discovered or reported to people you know even as a missing person case? Just moves away and lose touch but secretly they walked into the middle of nowhere and died with no ID and a long time to rot before maybe being found?

Go ahead, no one's stopping you.

I'm looking for an artist to do character portraits for a project of mine, what qualities should I look for in a partner?

a) Someone who genuinely shares the same enthusiasm for the project that you do
b) Someone who will fake a) for enough money

Dan I fucked up really bad and really hurt someone I really care about, please console me ;_;

\That sucks, man. Do what you can to set it right. ;-;

Good news!(?) MGNQ: The TV Show is so successful, Nickelodeon has greenlit a spinoff featuring the gang as precocious toddlers. How do things change around the Ninth Daycare?

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Chiaki still on the bottle, Sayaka is cranky instead of a bitch, Kyouko is teething, Mami only appears in a pimped out pram, Pinky is reanimated aborted foetus.

So... you let some one else touch your daughter's hair? Sounds kinda careless.

It's a cutest style, I'm okay with it.

What happened to the epiloguists?

Irreconcilable ideological differences, running low on topics, it became like work, hard to schedule, and WAY too much work for Elliot (who did all the /actual/ work of recording and editing -- thanks, Elliot)!

If you like hime cuts so much, how come your cupcake daughter doesn't have one?

She won't let me touch her hair. : <

What kind of father do you think you'd be if you miraculously did have kids?

Resentful, since they took my comic time. This is why I shouldn't get married and have kids.

Ah! I got a Companion too! :D What I still haven't found the right groove for are the shortcut buttons. I'm used to the way I had them on my Intuos3. What's your setup like?

At the desk: Wacom wireless keyboard on my left for shortcuts
On the couch - express keys, top to bottom: X, B, (D and a Undo/redo on the circle pad) Shift Alt
It works pretty nicely like this. : >

If Miracle Midori x Murder Mayumi were adapted into a video game, what kind of game would it be and what kind of people would play it?

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It's just Bayonetta + a Metal Gear Rising-esque butt-grabbing power refill mechanic.
Everyone plays it except Polygon readers (who secretly play it but make sure to bitch about it afterwards).
11/10 GOAT with SuperHD remake for PS5 and 20 year anniversary edition for PS6


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