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>a cutest gets jealous of your side-dish cakes >cucks you with Chad Why do you allow this?

What other choice do I have? ;__;
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>nohorns need to GO HOME!! | Unless you a cakeist (and not a bully)

Yes. Cakeists are allowed if they sign a pact. Otherwise, please leave a cake at the cave entrance and then GO HOME.
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Dan I want to cuddle with haremhorns, feed hornmothers, and play with smallhorns. What's so wrong with that? Why they blocking me? Why are flat haremhorn better?

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It's because you're a nohorn and nohorns need to GO HOME!!
And flat haremhorns are always working -- chopping, sewing, helping on hunts, building, repairing, cleaning, washing, etc. -- while the big boobed haremhorns get to live in the paradise that is the herd nursery. Even if you can't see their boobs, you can tell a low ranking haremhorn and high ranking haremhorn apart just by looking at their hands and feet... ;w;

The snowhorn VN would be like Spice and Wolf but with himehorns?

Sorta, yeah!
Just nohorn husbando and snowhorn moving from place to place, encountering all sorts of strange places and inhabitants on Big Egg, growing closer over time, always aware that one day their journey will come to an end...
The snowhorn VN would be like Spice and Wolf but with himehorns

do musclehorns keep a straight face while getting vaccinated against nohorn pathogens?

Nohorns and himehorns are too different to be affected by the same pathogens.
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> At least I had breakfast this morning...||| But Dan, you must take care of your health! Longevity is time to work on all the things! Please take care of your health!

Okay, I'm going to sleep early. ;_;

I just wish I wasn't so exhausted after work... | You are old Dan, get over it... but if you are so exhausted, considered a healthier life. That might help.

It's true. I need to watch what I eat, sleep earlier, exercise... sigh...
I shouldn't have had that beer at work.
At least I had breakfast this morning...
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