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Dan, did cupcake ever go to school?

She's in the year above Darkcake.
I don't know how Cupcake made it into such a good school... all the teachers seem wrapped around her finger, too.
Sometimes I worry.
Dan did cupcake ever go to school
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Tired anon reporting in, added gym to my daily tiny cup of coffee and shit is going dandy. Also don't you ever get frustrated when you see somebody's work and it's so good you think "my shit's shit in comparison"?

Fantastic! Glad to hear it, anon.
And I used to, but these days I know that I should just focus on my own rock and keep pushing, anon.
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Sempai, weren't Bloodborne's load times supposed to be really bad? Because they... aren't, and they don't show the logo or whatever, either! Is my Bloodborne shady or magical or something?

Patches fixed it. It's a 10/10 GOTY now.


I know what I am.
100 encounters with mysterious girls that fell out of the sky EVERY DAYAre these
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I want more cupcake in casual clothes :3

I want to do some colour trading card-like pics at some point.
I'll definitely draw my a cutest and a best in her PJs and casual clothes. =w=

when/how did you learn to get passed uncertainty?

I'm really not sure how to answer this question. There's too much to say, and I'm not sure if any of it matters at all.
Sorry I can't be of more help, anon.
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Is this year's gift the realization that it was you, not Cupcake, that was going around getting frosted, sempai? SEARCH YOUR FEELINGS AND ORIFICES. YOU KNOW IT TO BE TRUE. YOU WERE THE CAKE ALL ALONG

Is this years gift the realization that it was you not Cupcake that was going
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Hey Dan, does Cupcake shoes/zettai have a name? Aside from best girl clothing I mean.

Nope. They're just her costume and part of her a cutest. She do the batman thing and call 'em cake-shoes or cake-utility-belt or whatever,
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Hey Dan, when are you gonna get the face rig and make a Live2D Cupcake avatar to use in your streams?

I'll get around to it soon enough. I want to do more himehorn strips first, though.
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Merry Christmas Darkcake! Please enjoy the day with no work, just enjoy yourself

I'll pass the message along. I hope she had a good christmas...
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