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>cupcake & darkcake car wash scene | *died in a sea of nosebleed*

My cake doughters are respectable cakes who always work hard and do their best!! Pls b a respect!!! A RESPECT!!!
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What is your opinion on marriage and relationships in general?

It's a trap!!
I've seen too many guys cut in half (mentally and financially) to subject myself to that dice roll. You know, I was talking someone recently (no names) and they were like "oh yeah, I guess I'd just like to be a single mom... I'll just get a kid from a guy that's good enough and raise the kid myself... etc." -- very casual about it, didn't see anything wrong with it. But damn, that poor dude. That poor bloke is going to get have his life destroyed and slave away for 18 years to pay for kids he can never see just because it fits nicely into this (otherwise very nice, very fun and kind) girl's life plan.
Well, I'm sure there are plenty of happy couples out there and lots of nice people who don't think this way. But man, I've realized that I have no way to detect, prevent, or recover from this kind of outcome... so better just avoid it.
Anyway, no big deal, since I'm just a weeaboo manlet anyway and marriage was never in the cards. Call it sour grapes!

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No no no, it wasn't betraying the DFC this time. Gorgon just shares Dan's vore and gore fetishes and he appreciates 2d women with taste.

Wait. Am.... am I a vore fetishist?
I... I see... himehorns eating nohorns .... counts as vore...
I thought I was standing still, but in reality I've been sliding down this slippery slope at a constant velocity... this... this is who I am now... guh...
No no no it wasnt betraying the DFC this time Gorgon just shares Dans vore and

Why is it so difficult to recruit artists for game dev? What can I do short of making it rain to get artists on my team?

ChrisCharabaruk’s Profile PhotoChris Charabaruk
As always, you have have 3 things:
1) What the other party needs
2) Aligned interests
3) The ability to persuade the other party of 1 and 2
1 could simply be money, skills they don't have, a track record that suggests a surefire thing, etc.
2 could be as simple as "of course we'll pay you on time and in the full amount -- it'd be against our interests to cheat you". Or it could mean that it has to be a game that both of you want to do and that means concessions and adjustments on both sides. When you work on a team, it's not just about what you want and hauling people on board to get your vision made. It's about collaboration and achieving victory together -- a victory that everyone on the team buys into and has genuine self-interest in pursuing.
3 means you have to make 1 and 2 believable. That could be a mix of demonstration of a prototype, a track record, reputation, or simply good ol' rhetoric.
Good luck!

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>asking Dan questions distracts him from updating his works. || >He thinks updates are real

How can updates be real if our eyes aren't real?
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