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I have seen quite a few edits of your pics on facebook.

That's cool. Kinda sucks that facebook makes money off that, but it's not like I can stop it...
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>Hey! My mom loves me! And I love my mom, too! And my dad! >: T | Well isn't that just nice for you?

I have really great parents and had a good childhood. I feel really grateful for that.
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Can you take a picture of the hallway himehorns you have drawn at Ubi? Or would that violate your contract in some way?

No photos from inside the studio.
Gotta practice that opsec...
I mean infosec.
Infosec, right?
... i'm such a poser. ;w;
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>The only woman who will ever really love you is your mother. >implying your mother loves you

Hey! My mom loves me! And I love my mom, too! And my dad! >: T
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Have you ever felt loved? What did it feel like?

This old jewish man down the hall hit we with this after he finalized a long, painful divorce: "The only woman who will ever really love you is your mother."
The sad thing is that he still loves his ex-wife from the bottom of his heart and he can't stop himself. He's in a lot of pain and he know he'll never be free.
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Dan, would you consider quitting your job and any hobbies you have to devote yourself completely to producing the greatest butt drawing humanity will ever see, one that will be permanently enshrined in the Louvre and make even the snootiest critics recognize the aesthetic values of butts and hentai?

>permanently producing pinnacle posterior paintings for posterity

Jaja, indeed, I hope so... Well then, its time for me to go to sleep. I have to wake up early to make cakes as always ... and maybe some pasta while I am at it...mmh... Anyway, CYA!

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Cute indeed. I have a few other stories like that. Talking about smallhorns. The three smallhorns that always follow me around have grown quite well… but I still can’t tell what kind of himehorns they will be… they are still wearing their little black cloaks…and the little bandanas I gave them. jaja

I can tell they're going to be happy ones:
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Sure they are, when they are not playing, eating or sleeping on my hammock… the only bad thing is that sometimes she ate stuff while she was on my shoulders, so I ended up with crumbs on my hair, and when she tried to clean it, she made it worse… but since it was adorable, I forgave her.

T-too cute...

Yeah, that's what I thought, so I didn't bother to ask... but I am fine as long as it doesn't get in my eyes like before… one of the smallhorns saw that it bothered me, so she used to sit on my shoulders and move it away from my eyes when I cooked. It was adorable… so I gave her a cookie afterwards.

Smallharemhorns are helpful like that! =3=
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>They might be able to learn the smells... but it'd be a little yucky, so they might not want to do that. | That's what I'm saying, sempai. Sure, they COULD, but they wouldn't have any reason to. Why would they when they have no reason to care?

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I am not blonde nor I smoke, though… but yeah, in appearance, I look something like that. Since there is no hairdresser here, my hair has grown quite a bit… and I always forget to go and get a cut when I got to get more ingredients… but, since I always wear my hoodie. Well, who cares! Jaja.

Hmm, I see! Maybe you can ask the haremhorns to take care of your hair.
You might end up with a himecut, though...
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I mean, without them being naked, Himehorns wouldn't recognize the characteristics of male and female humies. Can you tell if a cat is male or female just by looking at it, sempai? I sure as hell can't.

You are forgetting about a himehorn's excellent sense of smell, Espernyan. But then again, they are tuned to himehorn smells and the smells of their normal environment... nohorns have weird, alien smells unlike anything else. They might be able to learn the smells... but it'd be a little yucky, so they might not want to do that.
And btw, we can tell the difference between other kinds of animals fairly easily-- for example, we can tell the difference between roosters and hens. And you could tell the different between cats by checking out their behavior. Himehorns could probably learn the same way... but I'm not sure why they would put the time and effort into that. There's more important stuff to do, like laying happy eggs and taking naps.
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>I guess it's because Leedah calls you a her... but I guess all norhons look alike to a himehorn...| >implying they know what a 'he' is | Sempai pls, why would they have any idea about that sort of thing?

That's what I mean, Espernyan!
Though himehorns know that many other animals (like squids and cows) have their own way making smallsquids and smallcows, they don't think of it as "he and she" but rather two different kinds of squids... just like we distinguish between cars of two different colors, but we don't think of them as being fundamentally different kinds -- just the same kind with a difference in one property.
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Cakeist? Is that you? | Yup.

I guess it's because Leedah calls you a her... but I guess all norhons look alike to a himehorn...
Well, maybe you look a bit like Sato from Working!!
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Dan, do you believe it'd be fine to create my own OC donut NTR waifu, out of my existing waifu, and a potential new waifu, through a SMT-style waifu fusion? The only problem would be lack of fanart.

You can do it, but you gotta be careful about which skills you want to transfer over through the fusion.
And you can always bring your own waifu to laifu by drawing her yourself!
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