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Are you up to date with the 2hu lore and new characters?

I stopped following 2hu closely after UFO... ;w;

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Stop fronting Dan. You really like making an all loli squad in EO, huh.

Well yeah, of course. Cupcake was my dancer in EO IV... but I hardly used her.
My main party was:
Protector / Landsknecht / Sniper
Runemaster / Medic

What are your favorite things about EO? I'm waiting for Untold 1 in the mail right now, because I never got around to playing them on the DS.

Making my own party, using my imagination, challenging battles, fun character customization, super a cutest character designs, amazing soundtracks, and super comfy. Good times, all around!

How's the transition from neckbeard to consultant neckbeard treating you, Dan?

Pretty great!
I'm really enjoying the project, I like my co-workers, and I'm actually happy to wake up and go to work. The best part is that there are little things to look forward to -- pastries, beer, special events, and moving to the main studio after renovations finish up. The plans look really nice:
Well, it's only been a bit over a week, so it's still the honeymoon phase... let's see how things look in a year. ;w;
btw, I'm not a consultant, I'm just a regular employee. ;w;

Last night of bweh and mopple pics, any requests? Sorry for lack of updates, internet is down at home ' ^ ', will upload when its fixed at home.

Saber Tank
I'd like to see them napping in a blanket together. =3=
And np, take your time~ =w=

Do you ever have motivation problems or procrastination problems? If so, how do you solve them?

Sure, all the time.
Two tricks:
1) Procrastinate on one project by working on another project! That's why I always tend to have a couple projects on the go at once. It doesn't have to be comics, either -- I always have a couple books on hand that I want to read, some games, my piano, etc. So long as I'm working on /something/ I'll be okay. And the truth is that as soon as spend too much time working on something other than comics, I start feeling anxious and guilty and I want to work on comics again.
2) Now, sometimes I do fall into a period where I really get almost nothing done. It happened during NNN and several times while trying to make progress on Metal Fist and Witches. That usually means I switch tracks and work on something else, but like an idiot I think "well, I'll bang my head against the problem for one more day..." ... then nothing happens ... and before I know, it, six to eight months pass...
Looking back, that happened because I thought Witches, Metal Fist, and NNN would be my final comics. I was pretty sure I didn't have anything else in me, so I really wanted to make 'em right. Of course, nothing is ever right, so I never put anything down on the page. Most of the time you just gotta make the task at hand seem less important so it's okay to make a mistake. Just convince yourself that your current project is a training ground for your next project. Since I started thinking that way I haven't run into the same problem. It really seems to work.
Hope that helps. Good luck, anon!

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Hey Dan, what inspires/motivates you to keep drawing? I like drawing too but I'm horrible at it, and sometimes it feels like I'm stagnating and not improving blergh

Well, I can go on and on about self-mastery and the joy of drawing, but If I'm really honest my real motivating factor is... fear.
I can see my own death very clearly in my mind... one day I'll be old, bedridden, and cursing every moment I didn't spend making the comics I wanted. Even if I work efficiently now, I'll still be unsatisfied... but at least I can temporarily distract myself from the reality of the situation when I hit that upload button.
I want to draw Witches! Hurry up and finish backing up, tablet-chan! ;~;

What came first, the confidence to write / draw or the drawing / writing?

Since I held art in total contempt as a kid, I was never that concerned about other people thinking badly of the stuff I produced. Their opinion couldn't possibly be as harsh as my own, and in any case what mattered was the reality of the situation, not what people /thought/ the reality was, so why would I care what they think?
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The philosopher Didactylos suggested an alternative hypothesis: "things just happen, what the hell".

Ha ha ha ;w;

Can you tell me your story and your experience? What inspired you to write and draw comic butts, how was your experience in the beginnings, etc. up to date.

Man, that would take a long time to write up.
Let me give you the super short version.
I always liked drawing, even as a little kid, but I always considered artistic pursuits meaningless, pointless, sensual nonsense wrapped up in puffery. The only thing really worth doing in life, I thought, was pursuing the truth. So although I drew on the side, I tried to stay hard-headed and focus on math and science. Unfortunately, during my first year of highschool, I stumbled on a problem that seemed utterly without resolution. I was during science class, and we were studying heat capacity. We talked about mixing two equal volumes of water at different temperature -- of course, if they mixed, the final temperature ought to be exactly halfway in between. However, what if you mixed two different substances? Well, I put up my hand and figured that there's some constant K that we could use to scale things, and sure enough that was the way to go, but after a moment's reflection I realized that THIS IS INSANE. That CAN'T be right -- we're just describing a regularity, not saying why a certain substance has a particular heat capacity... what IS a "heat capacity" anyway and why should substance have that? But after a little more thought, a really troubling problem came up: could we actually do better than mere descriptions of regularities? How on earth would you even know if you had the "true picture of the world" if you had it when all you can do with the picture is describe it in the same terms you use to describe the regularities and see how they fit, but that's just measuring pictures against the descriptions of the regularities! It was circular and weird and very troubling.
I was wandering around in the dark now. I had no idea what to do.
In the same year, I stumbled upon Descartes' meditations in my highschool library and watched Evangelion and Card Captor Sakura. The results were... strange. I was angry about everything. Nothing was grounded, and I felt like the whole universe was an insane asylum. T42R and Paper Eleven started to take shape. A little later there would be Nana's Everyday Life. While I was writing those comics I felt they were totally worthless at the same time -- they had nothing to do with what was really important (but how would you even know what that is when you don't have the tools to whether the very first thing is true or not....?)
Anyway, time passed. I read my way into neopragmatism and I started taking subject naturalism seriously and those originally pressing questions started to look boring and silly. NNN happened, then vampire bride, and himehorns, Witches should be next (a work inspired by a "robust" conception of "the aesthetic"). Who knows what's next?
Hrm. Well, sorry for typos and thinkos - just rambling on, here, while my data backs up... ;w;

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And that's with marriage contracts are a thing kids. Legally stop your ex-wife from taking all your money.

I'm sure Cupcake will use her cuteness mind control to avoid this.

>happy >not dying limbless and alone in a box You've changed, man. Did you sell out to happy endings?

Well, I'm sure she'll resent her husband, divorce him, take the kids, the house, and the money, and then spend the rest of her days trying to recapture her lost youth. She'll grow more and more bitter every day and take it all out on Chiffoncake, her little sister Carrotcake. Darkcake tries to be a good aunt to them but doesn't know how to handle kids since she lives all alone. ;~;
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But Dan, that's a happy ending. Would you really be satisfied with Cupcake having a happy ending?

I want my a cutest to be happy. She'll be bored to death by her husband, but she'll occupy herself with trashy internet drama and gossip and spending money. It's not too bad, really.
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> mean what is she going to do when...none of the boys want her anymore? She'll put on lots of make-up, get a trendy haircut/piercing/tattoos/clothes, become a B-tier cam-girl, the kind with flaky frosting wrinkles around her eyes. Then she'll transition to phone sex and pantie sales using old pics

>: Y
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I have to admit something to you. I get kind of nervous about cupcakes future. I mean what is she going to do when she is a Christmas cake and none of the boys want her anymore? How will she survive without them to foot her bills and pay for her food? Dan I'm worried ;_;

She'll just have to rope in a rich nerd who'll worship the ground she walks on. I'm sure she can do it.
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Hey Dan when you are thinking on your setting do you ever get ideas while in some half dazed dream? I've noticed that most good ideas from people I know and myself seems to come while not really thinking of anything in particular.

Hey, anon.
Hmm, I can just sit at the computer and come up with ideas, but I get the best ones while in the shower, lying in bed, or sitting on the couch with a pad of paper.

If I desired to bully a Himehorn tribe. As in the whole tribe how many humans would you recommend for maximum safety while also not being so much that I can't personalize the bullying?

If you're ordinary humans, I wouldn't go with less than two or three nohorns per musclehorn. They won't be intimidated otherwise.

Do your coworkers know you draw cartoon butts of your imaginary pastry daugteru?

Well, the producer knows about it -- same with the art director. They both have copies of NNN, too. =3=
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