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No one would be crazy enough to do that.// Cakeist Defectivehorn keeper here, Call me crazy if you must, but I'll give it a try. And the bonus is that I didn't steal any of them. Fail or win, my observations of the Herd will expand our knowledge of them.

Are you sure you're not a witch? Or an apostle?

Anon brings up an interesting point, but would there be a greater proportion of defectives in the newhorn generation, or would the herd's concept of 'defectiveness' simply shift? :/C Maybe if I stole away with some horns of my own and planted them in an unfamiliar environment... >:」C

Sounds like an interesting experiment, but you'd need a massive population and vast, vast stretches of inhabitable space and a great deal of time and patience to get enough viable defectives. No one would be crazy enough to do that.

Is it safe to say that if a whole herd was moved to a completely new world/environment or at least outside their caves, the new hatched small horns might take on some adaptions to suit their new world? Defects that don't seem so defective then?

Yes, of course. Recall that the himehorn's natural environment is actually in their herdtrees, above ground. The caves are their new environment.

What is it with Templars and socks anyway?

Every good Templar cares for their feet and the feet of their sisters. The journey outside is long and hard and good socks are a necessity. Those sister who receive socks as a boon as especially blessed! Or so some say.

What would happen to a templar that went gone rogue, stayed in the city for protection and ended up with a family of her own? Could she live happily ever after? What about her descendants?

Do you mean "a city" or "The City"?
Heretics will never be permitted to return to The City. And all Wild branches must be pruned. Those that fruit on their own are no part of the White Witch's garden.


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