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>his wild branch. | I hope that is not an euphemism... better take his life and not his pride... but as they say, guys fuck things up, girls are fucked up, so...

Poor cakeist. But as the previous anon said, maybe there's more to the cakeist than meets the eye. Just were is he getting his ingredients anyway...? And where did he come from?

>prune the cakeist | He has survived this long on big egg, stayed in the caves despite the risk and even built a functional kitchen all by himself. Maybe there is more to him than he shows and there is a reason he doesn't give a damn about the concecuenques of doing what he does. What do you think?

I think the Cakeist's lore just got six feet deeper.

>Poor cakeist | You would come up with something even more depressing and/or edgy if he were to be canon, so I say that he has it easy so far... and given the amount of guys in BV so far, his suffering would be bound to be out of the charts to compensate if he were to be a recurring character.

A safe bet. The templar would probably march in and prune his wild branch.

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What do you do once you've felt like you've reached your limits, artistically? Lately, it's been feeling like I've been chasing a dragon and can't recreate my previous highs no matter how much I mash away at a drawing. I keep trying to come up with winners, but I always end up in palookaville.

Don't try to re-create the previous highs. Don't chase the dragon. Always chase out new territory. That's how you grow -- eyes forward, don't look back, and always treat the current adventure as training for your next adventure.
You have to take a break and develop interests outside drawing. Cross pollination and shaking up your brain structure is key. Once you reach your technical limit it's all about improving ideas and searching for new territory. Well, you gotta go to that new territory.
For me, it's all about reading philosophy and working on games in the morning and interacting with other creative people who have very different interests. Lately I've been talking to a guy at work who is big into the DJ scene -- another guy is into industrial design... another fellow is really into board games. I talk to dessert cafe owner about how he runs his business and how he played the stocks... All alien worlds to me, and pretty interesting! Sometimes I'll go to the museum too, or go to a strange restaurant I wouldn't normally go to, and simply change up my routine and get off at a metro station I don't normally go to. It all helps. You may not be especially inspired, but you should be rejuvenated and just slightly changed. After that, it's about digesting the new inputs, formulating setting concrete objective for yourself, then being persistent about trying to achieve those goals.

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Why do you whoop for the Chad incarnate? Are dumb people saying dumb things on a website for teenagers triggering you?

My hope is that 8 years of Trump will cure the left of its infatuation with Identity Politics. Personally, I want a left that can speak to the material concerns of the population and gives a higher place of honor to the individual as an individual and to temporary associations of choice based on shared interests. At the moment, we don't have that -- instead there's a left that mires promising campaigns in symbolic concerns and slashes up the population into immutable classes based on resentment and bloodlines. No thanks.

How would you deal if a friend suicided and in their goodbye note he/she put a decision you made as a reason to end his/her life?

that's his/her/xir you shitlord manbaby pisschild fuckboi cocklizard potatoclip fuckstand

Could a templar fall in love with a man or get married in general without angering the witch? Like, married but without children or something like that? Or if that were to happen they just elope before it's too late?

A good branch will dedicate their heart, lives, body, and chastity to the White Witch. A wild branch must be pruned. The White Witch herself would not be angered -- she would only turn away from her garden. But the consequences of that would be disastrous for the Templar -- after all, how would a garden survive without a gardener? To prevent this, the good branches within the Templar Guardianship would take it upon themselves to prune the wild branch.


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