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Do himehorns make good pets? How do you take care of a himehorn?

Nope. The hornmothers are fragile and the fear of the nohorn has been carved into their bodies. They wouldn't like it on the surface.They'd just stay in bed and cry and wait for someone to take them back home.
Your standard issue musclehorn is listless when separated from the group. She'll passively accept anything but keep her away too long and she'll be dead inside in short order.
The tiny haremhorns might make good pets but be prepared to adopt at least 5-6 at once. Like the rest of their kind they're herd animals. Don't bully them though. Bully one and your'll scare them all. Unless that's what you want, you sicko.

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How do you feel about banana cream pies?

Not as good as pecan pie. I'll take a good pecan pie over nearly any other kind.

What profession are you most polite towards the members of? Least polite?

Most polite: Doctors and service industry.
Least polite: "slick" business folk. You know the type - always trying to work the room and close a deal. I don't know how to interact with these people.
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I wish to court cupcake. I wish to fill her very pores with cream and turn her into a cream cake. How do I do this? Give me the secrets to cupcakes heart.

To knead the dough you need the dough.
Also treat her like a bread and not a cake.

Who's this Jizz Genie? Who's this Baby Batter Bringer? Who's this Cum Caresser? Who's this Lovegoo Lass? Who's this Sperm Summoner? Who's this Ejaculate Empress? Who's this Mayonnaise Maiden? Who's this Jizz Jockey? Who's this Spunk Monk? Who's this Sperm Worm? Who's this Sodomy Sentinel?

Whos this Jizz Genie
Whos this Baby Batter Bringer
Whos this Cum Caresser

>Bikky movie quote. So someone who betrayed their own kind and purpose, and should really kill themselves to minimize the damage they can do to everyone else? Good choice.

Human defence squad out in full force, I see.
Give it up, bloodbank! The age of darkness is here! Get used to it!
Bikky movie quote So someone who betrayed their own kind and purpose and should

Man, are 3D cakes that terrible? Was your momcake such a terrorcake?

Eh, I have nothing against 'em. All their "negative" traits make sense as evolved adaptations (or side-effects of adaptations). You can't hate a scorpion for being a scorpion and doing scorpion stuff. Just decide whether or not a scorpion fits in with your other desires and consider the trade-offs.
For me -- it ain't worth it.
And my mom was great, actually -- but the way a mom treats her kids tells you nothing about how a wife treats her husband. She's nice to my dad too, but man, he had to put up with a lot of bullshit and drama over the years. I'm not up for that.

Which is better: plush MILF or healthy tanned onee-san?

Slighlty plush newlywed housewife with an apron, comfy house slippers, and short himecut tied up into a short comfy ponytail.
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