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Hey Dan, huge fan of your work. Do you have any male OCs? Not a request or anything, just curious.

Thanks! I'm glad you like the comics. =w=
As for your question:
Only some blue-haired anime bishounen I made up in highschool. His name was Kenji and had a pink-haired magical girlfriend who was the control mechanism for an ancient airship that some evil empire wanted AND YES IT WAS THAT KIND OF CHUUNI STORY
It was actually a story made up with an old friend of mine. We worked on it in... 8th grade? 7th? Anyway, we abandoned it when it turned to be eerily similar to some other anime, right down to the main bad guy (named Commander Rail). Spooky.
The Ocean Sunfish airship designs live on, though:


I'm sorry! ;w;
Annis will live on in Quiet Edgelord Bikky / Softie Punk Annis middleschool covenant flashbacks.

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Can you provide us with an example of what is sufficiently wide?

It has been proposed by leading scientists that datass may be sufficiently wide under certain extreme conditions such as those that exist at the surface of a perfectly flat and perfectly delicious chest at infinite hotness (the so-called Shana Limit or S-1 Limit) but here our best physical models break down and get everyone arrested so empirical confirmation of such theories seem unlikely in our lifetime
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How wide is too wide for wide face?

There is no too wide. There isn't even wide enough. I need more wide. More! Give me the wide!!

What was your first dojinshi you bought/owned.

Never bought one. Bought lots of Ranma and some Dark Horse Aa! Megami-sama! single issues back in the day though.

In the future, your child (or niece/nephew, or similar young relative) finds a picture of the present-day you. What is his/her reaction?

"Well, that explains it."

Is your original character strong than Matoi Ryuko? And I’m not talking about Tenkousei Ryuuko. I’m talking about Senketsu Kisaragi Matoi Ryuko with the Seki Tekko and with both Senjin and Shippu forms and the Sen-i-Soshitsu technique, along with the perfected Tachikiri Basami and Gakuen Seifuku.

Vicky: Factory-sealed, top-form Vicky was a wrecking machine that put more than her share of demons and vampires in the ground. As for present day washed-up Vicky, even Tenkousei Ryuko could probably hold her down and humiliate her if they went head to head unarmed. That said-- with her machine arm, demon blade, scarf, and the right conditions, Vicky still makes a good glass cannon.
The bat: You can turn her into a bag of sand but she'll be back one day. Could easily turn Senketsu into a hand-towel for that sweet red Ryuko-juice, but is currently satisfied with her preferred brand.
Enna: Witches don't mess around like that-- supposedly they can just rip you out of history the way you pull out a loose thread from a sock but such powers are obviously impossible to confirm.
Annis could probably do the job of a decent one-star.

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What's your favorite alternate-history hypothetical?

Nazis won by forming a pact with Lovecraftian space-horrors/keeping a secret moon base/raising Atlantis/teaming up with time-travellers/using synthetic magical girls/etc.
Then we can get a crazy story where Lovecraftian horrors return to collect their dues, a rag-tag team of moon miners rebel, Space-Atlantians reveal that humans are really a synthetic slave-race in a universe of machine-gods, reality-destroying time paradoxes ensue, magical girls exterminate and then eat cake.
You could replace Nazis with Soviets or a Bioshock Infinite-style AMURIKA or a fantasy North Korea or tepid space-elves and space-romans but frankly, in my opinion, only the Nazi Possibility has the blood-and-concrete historical reality and frighting funhouse-mirror unreality necessary for a real off-the-wall alternate history story. Nothing else will do.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Z09bNgSeMICloneManga’s Video 119185028210 0Z09bNgSeMICloneManga’s Video 119185028210 0Z09bNgSeMI
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72RqpItxd8MCloneManga’s Video 119185028210 72RqpItxd8MCloneManga’s Video 119185028210 72RqpItxd8M

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CloneManga’s Video 119185028210 0Z09bNgSeMICloneManga’s Video 119185028210 0Z09bNgSeMI

You have been tasked with creating a Super Bowl ad for MGNQ. You have 30 seconds and your commercial will be seen by the entire nation. Describe your commercial.

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Midori is ironing a warmaster hat. It's a nice hat. Chiaki busts through the wall on her motorcycle -- "GET ON THE BIKE BITCH WE GOT NOIRS TO DO" ... Midori looks confused. Chiaki pulls off her Kanye shades, revealing her red glasses underneath. "MAGICAL NOIRS TO DO."
Chiaki pulls Midori on to the bike by her arm, gives her a ferocious kiss, then shoot QB in the face twice and rides off into the night sky on a constantly exploding path of rainbows and kneecaps..
Ends with 0.1 second subliminal cut of that fucking cat

>The biggest youtube attentionwhore/shitstorm/drama magnet I can find. Sempai, pls No pewdiepie. Nobody needs this in their poor, painful lives.


who would be cupcake's VA if a cutest and a best got her own anime?

The biggest youtube attentionwhore/shitstorm/drama magnet I can find.

You're probably right to restart Cupcake, but the important question is: will Pep-Pep-Pepper return?

Maybe, but not for a while - there are a few other stories I want to do first.


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