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Do you read any other boards in 4chan aside from /a/? /u/, maybe?

/a/ /jp/ /v/ /vg/ /co/ (only the webcomic threads) /tg/ (really only MGNQ ... the drawthreads are terrible and I haven't been able to find another quest compatible with drawing. QM Posts are usually too short, too frequent, or too thin on flavour to bounce an image off the scene. Also the character designs for non-imported characters are universally TERRIBLE. One of the nice points about MGNQ is that the imported characters are all designed for animators to draw -- this is somewhat difficult for non-artists to appreciate, but a good character design has a tight internal structure, looks great from multiple angles and is designed in such a way that it lends itself to being drawn quickly, correctly, and with consistency. And if it's REALLY good, the design is just damn fun to draw. The Kill la Kill designs, Homura's design, about 3/4 of Sayaka's design is like this for me -- drawing it is like driving a Bugatti on a test track made of butter and the laughter of children).

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If your kitchen could only smell like one food for the rest of your life, what smell would you prefer?

I just want it to smell clean again. I should take a day off and clean that thing. : (

Suppose a genie offers you a bargain. You gain the ability to create the most beautiful, thought-provoking art that ever was or will be. But in exchange, you go permanently, irrevocably, completely blind. You will never know the miracle of your own art. Do you accept?

I think the genie is offering a sham. The best art isn't like the highest mountain. The landscape of thought is boundless, shifting, and must be traversed on foot. The stamping of feet -- everyone's feet -- is just what gives the landscape its boundless, shifting, quality. It also the way we know the world.
The offer of a ride to the highest mountain in such a world isn't just scam, the very idea is incoherent.

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Demonophobia? Did that ending get you down, or did you get a kick out of the despair? At least Xenophobia's unfinished status means the girl isn't necessarily doomed to an eternal fate worse than death

It was the right ending. No complaints.

Dan why does learning gotta be so hard ;_;

Ya gotta train yourself to love the grind... and FIND a way to love the grind. Joggers pick scenic routes and get running buddies for a reason. You may also have to change your mindset -- an athlete doesn't have to win the world cup to be engaged in a noble and beautiful activity... consider the following image:
You can look at your art that way, too. The point isn't to reach some arbitrary level competence, but to actively engage with the problem by exercising (and thereby bringing out the excellence of) your capacities.
An old Jewish saying:
"It is not incumbent upon you to complete the work, but neither are you at liberty to desist from it"
Pretty much that.

Do you like any horror games? Fatal Frame seems like it'd be your kind of thing.

Oh yeah! I love Fatal Frame, Silent Hill, Demento/Haunting Ground -- also stuff like Xenophobia and Demonophobia ... I also like the Yume Nikki aesthetic, though I don't think much of the gameplay. Anything where a small, tiny, vulnerable being slips out of our world and into a hidden realm of terrifying, inexplicable, amoral, and truly impersonal forces without any possibility of understanding, refuge, or escape is just my cup of tea.
Actually, this is one of the reasons I love Alice in Wonderland and Lovecraft and kinda keep them in the same bucket in my heart.

Do you find Loomis-style ball-and-cross construction has much applicability to anime faces?

Keep in mind that the point of these methods is to learn how to draw ANY object in 3D, and learn it to the point that most of the hard work is done by background mental processes. You should become like an expert piano player who, when playing, can think about 'bringing out the music' instead of where to put each individual finger. Or like someone who drives a car and ends up at the destination without really remembering the journey -- you should be able to do a lot on auto-pilot. So if you're asking this because you see pro animators or artists drawing without any sketches or lines -- just know it's already happening behind the eyeballs, even if they don't know it.
Also, side note: Even if you learn all the steps and memorize the explicit procedures, THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PRACTICE AND GRINDING. Learning is a physical process and you need to repeat actions to burn shit into your brain. Again: Learning is a physical process and you need to repeat actions to burn shit into your brain.
No shortcuts.
Learn it right, practice right, and have patience.
Good luck and enjoy drawing!

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What is the best thing to eat for breakfast?

Cake, pancake, leftover pizza with hot peppers, pork sausage, scrambled eggs, hash browns, a little apple sauce, a nice strong coffee, Boddingtons, cheap whiskey.

Do you think a comic without onomatopoeias would work out?

Yeah, sure. There are even 'silent' comics without any words at all.

If the person you loved would be happier and/or better off with someone else, would you want them to be?

Definitely, there's no way I can live with someone else. It'd be a situation ripe for abuse. Please go. I have my stupid cakebutt comics, you have the rest of your life.

When's the last time a work of fiction made you cry?

I read A Dog of Flanders on a empty stomach a few years ago.

Did you find it difficult to improve and/or motivate yourself during your earlier stages of drawing? If so, did you find it harder to enjoy drawing back then?

No, I was always a maniac about it. That's just the way I get into things -- if I like it, I'll go Monk Mode on it... seal myself up and work on just that. My little sister told me that once she came into my room to interrupt me while I was drawing (this was in about 7th grade or so) and I flipped out and yelled and threw stuff at her and then went back to drawing, even more intensely. I don't even remember, but that sort of thing was typical and has remained typical.
Now I live alone with no interruptions (except this twitter/ask feed). I'm okay with this.

is using an intuos frustrating?

I thought it was fine until I started going between drawing on paper and drawing on the tablet. This was around the time I was drawing those 100 waifu pics. The difference in results was just too large (the drawings on paper were better) and it drove me insane.

Why is it that you CTRL+Z less on the Cintiq than the Intuos? Do you find your strokes are more accurate when you're drawing directly on the screen? I CTRL+Z about as often on my tablet PC as on my Intuos...

Accuracy, yep. Some of that may be attributable to improvements in actual drawing technique rather than the tablet itself (all that grinding since April), though... ... then again, I only started grinding that way because the new Cintiq was so much fun to draw on.
You should probably just try it for yourself, see if it clicks with you.

How do you make a living?

There's a little leftover money from the NNN Kickstarter and I have some savings from my game designer days. Not much income besides that, but I don't really need it -- I only have to make it to the end of Subject of Witches.

I'm thinking about getting a cintiq companion mainly because it's portable. I'd be nice to be able to move around and draw at the same time. How are you liking the companion so far? Pros and cons?

It's fantastic, but there are a few drawbacks that may have you holding off for the next version, depending on your circumstances.
Drawing directly on the screen is great, but there's a little input lag (unavoidable with current tech) and the gap between the drawing surface and the actual screen is somewhat larger than you might expect. I adjusted in a few days and now I don't notice at all, but it may continue to bother you depending on your natural drawing position.
The pen is also quite inaccurate about 3cm from the edge of the screen. It's pretty annoying if you depend on your pen for scrolling or moving tabs around, but I've since transitioned to using touch controls for browsing (actually, windows 8 is GREAT with this device -- the features make sense on this hardware) and I've moved some photoshop controls (like the layer box) just slightly away from the edge.
The support isn't so great, either -- there's a wacom forum and answers are usually slow to come, amateurish, incomplete, and/or cryptic.
The companion is also somewhat heavier than you might expect and also quite expensive, but for me, it's been worth it for productivity and recapturing the sheer joy of drawing on paper. I can spend 12-16 hours a day working on it. I also don't have to fight the machine anymore -- I was pressing CTRL+Z nearly every line while working on my intuos -- on my Cintiq, I hardly ever do. It's also completely replaced my desktop (Except for storage -- I use a wireless Synology server/backup device to store all my music, anime, etc.)
It is also the only option for tilt control, which I absolutely need for my black and white drawing style.
If you don't need tilt control and can stand a somewhat lower sensitivity pen, you /may/ want to consider checking out a Surface Pro 3 (about half the price). I would definitely go to the store and try drawing in Photoshop CC on a Companion before committing, though -- I've tried to talk about some of the features but there's a lot of ineffables that can make or break your experience with the device.
Bottom line, though: before the Cintiq, I was putting out a page a week, tops, and I was miserable. Now I can put out a page or two a day and drawing is a joy again. The device definitely has issues and is overpriced, but it's still the best digital drawing experience I've ever had.

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Why haven't you read/watched JoJo yet

I need to set aside time to binge properly. I haven't even touched my beloved Rorona-chan in weeks. Maybe after I get a foothold on Witches and Cupcake...

Yeah but how about this instead: Cupcake does an infomercial for a way to get your butt totally cake. How would that go down?

She brings in the demo girl... then laughs at her lame butt until she leaves in tears. Then she makes =3= faces for 20 minutes and brings in the neckbeard dollars.


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