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...also, remember that if you send Darkcake she might fall in love too. After all, he is a good guy. Just the type that Darkcake deserves... so we might get a love triangle in the worst case sceneario... with a possible harem ending* if things go ¨too well¨? *the herd may or may not be included


>I didn't watch Wake Up, Girls!. ;w; || SHAMEFUR

I'm gonna watch a lot of anime on my holiday... possibly sometime in January if I can find a good slow time at work. First on my list is finished off the new Wagnaria/Working!!! ... then that magical girl raising project show, then Flip Flappers... hmm...
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So, what are all these... let's call them creatures, for the sake of simplicity. Like this pair of dog(?)people(?)things(?), or... anything from this page, really http://manga.clone-army.org/viewer.php?&series=snax&page=80&lang=&HUDoff= By the by, when are you going to update the Encyclopaedia?

They're the remnants of the various races that escaped the Templar extermination campaigns and the vampires. Some are aliens, other are natives of Big Egg, others are aliens that have lived on Big Egg so long that they may as well be considered natives.
The fluffy tentacle bartender is the fuzziest one there!
And I will update the encyclopedia after I finish A Captain's Worries -- it's only like 5 or 6 more strips til the end. I just have to get a few things drawn and mailed out to people before christmas.
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Why is Yamakan no longer behind Wake Up, Girls!? And why are the S2 character designs objectively inferior to the movie/S1 ones?

I didn't watch Wake Up, Girls!. ;w;
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So you ended up sending cupcake to the cakeist, uh?... welp. You won't be seeing her anytime soon. Onwards, little cake! To happiness and frosting*! But don't worry, Dan. She may call you for the wedding... or send you a photo of your granddoughter if she is feeling lazy. *literal frosting of cakes.

;_; I just want my a cutest and a best to be happy... and also remain my little a cutest and a best forever.
Why does a cake have to grow up so fast? Is it the yeast? ;___;
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