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> they're all gone. Less than ashes remain. This it the tail end of existence. There are only a few real sparks left... after that, it'll be time to drop the curtains for good. // So...Clone-Manga Souls? Can anyone link the fire now in a desperate attempt to perpetuate existence?

>tfw going hollow from bat waifu bat kisses....
... ... Worth it!
theyre all gone Less than ashes remain This it the tail end of existence There
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I believe you'll finish Vampire Bride! Or work until your eyes fail and you're enclosed in a prison of perpetual blurryness and shadow! Ganbatte Dan! Ganbette!

;w; I'll do my best! Thanks!

So Algis is not actually a bitch, she's already bending the rules to be as nice as she can, and this is the best she could get? The end of the universe is an incredibly sad time, even during cuteness, isn't it? Is this peak Dan Kim, have we reached the pinnacle of cute girls and suffering?

Algis loves her followers. She tends to them, observes their growth, and takes great pleasure in their fruiting... and when they yield great offerings, she is doubly pleased, and sews The City afresh with new seed.
She loves her little garden. It's a shame that this age requires such strict pruning, weeding, etc. to keep the garden healthy...

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>other arcs >companion book >implying you won't drop it for another new project way before that happens. Oh Dan, you so silly.

N-no bully...!! ;~~;
other arcs companion book implying you wont drop it for another new project way
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>She may actually be a gardening witch of sorts, and they are like potted plants in a garden. || That both makes a lot of sense and really ups the tragedy of the whole situation. You've put more thought into this than we're ever likely to see, haven't you?

You'll see it all! Just wait until we get to the various arcs in The City.
And there's the companion book,too, of course.
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Have you ever done collaborations? o just original stuff by yourself?

Back when Tokyopop was around I did a small collab with a writer -- she had this idea for this paranormal duo thing and was shopping around for an artist. It was... eh, okay. But too mainstream for my tastes. Also the pay was crap. So I bailed.
I just don't enjoy collaborating with other people. I like doing my own thing.

What would you say that has influenced your artstyle the most?

Nihei, Zdzislaw Beksinski and, lately, Sushio.

What do you think about Disgaea?

I love Disgaea!
The first game was great fun... but the others never really recaptured the charm. Phantom Brave was excellent, though. I cried real tears.
Makai Kingdom was great, too!
I'm a couple hours into Disgaea 4 but haven't played it in many months... just too occupied with Vampire Bride.
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Why is the White Witch such a huge bitch? Why bully Templars for schlicking, or gettin' their yuri on with another Templar, or dyin' in the wrong place? I mean, genocide in order to obtain resources to ensure the propagation of the species for a few more generations I get, but that shit is just mean

The templars have considered this for a long time. They think it's because the White Witch's power, although vast, is not infinitely flexible. She may actually be a gardening witch of sorts, and they are like potted plants in a garden. So long as they remain "domesticated" by her, they may receive her protection... but if they spread their seed and fruit on their own, she might leave them or prune the offending branches. That's the going view. This would also explain her love for all things melon, fruit, and lewd.
The witch herself has never made this clear, though. They dare not ask directly.

I am new to your stuff. I found you while searching for the source of a pic of Aeka from Yume Miru Kusuri that made me laugh and cry at the same time ... Where should I start?

Hey! Thanks for reading, man.
If you like that Aeka arc, start with Nana's Everyday Life:
Then you can read a little artsy stuff as a palate cleanser.
Here's Doll and Maker:
Then try Tomoyo42's Room:
If you're still on board after the crazy train, try Paper Eleven:
If you like the cryptic parts of Paper Eleven, you can try NNN, which is the jet fuel version:
... however, reading NNN is not necessary. It appeals to very narrow tastes.
Anyway, from there browse around as you wish:
Oh, and the most frequently updated project these days is Vampire Bride:
Hope that helps!

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>Comics! And butts. Also cake and cute girls suffering. ||| How about comic butts of girls suffering with cakes?

Girl with nice cakebutt: "Ueeeh~ this is too much cakey~! But it's soooo taaaasssty...!! I can't stttooop! mmpnh nmm mnnmn mmm...!"
... Yeah, I'd read it.

Bikky may be the worst person, but only because vampires aren't people. Is there a way to kill vampires en masse, perhaps in a way that involves burning, or debilitating pain? Have all available avenues of research been exhausted in the search for one?

There's a story about a man who suffered for the sins of The City. He lived, then died, then lived again. His implements of pain have been converted to fight the vampire.
Supposedly he was to return again to met out his judgement and banish the world of The Darkness and her servants, the vampires. However this has not yet come to pass...
... for now, the Gaurdianship can only rely on the White Witch, her power, and their own resolve.

So does anyone do anything or is most life left in the universe happy just existing, be it under the umbrella of mysterious magical protection or in a frozen wasteland populated by lifestealing monsters? The humans have a society and they want to destroy vamps and expand, anyone else have plans?

Of course! The himehorns would like to return to the surface, there are dangerous travellers from other worlds that would like to set up here (like Space Devil King Enos), remainders of largely obliterated factions that would like to grow again or preserve what they can, various races subjugated by the templar who would love to take revenge, the apostles who seem to serve the witches but have some autonomy and perhaps their own agenda, and all the various individuals living under the protection of the witches have their own petty ambitions: having a big family, expanding a shop, showing up that smart-mouthed tentacle bartender, brewing a the best beer, uncovering knowledge about the old world, etc.
But in large part, the great battles between factions are already played out. Almost everyone is dead or spent. The great star empires, the machine queen and her galactic computing hegemony, the billion billion free planets and their magical girls... they're all gone. Less than ashes remain. This it the tail end of existence. There are only a few real sparks left... after that, it'll be time to drop the curtains for good.

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Templars are totally heroes, good girls protecting humanity from an existential threat. The system itself isn't the nicest, but the planet and the White Witch make it necessary. At worst they seem to be sort of misled but not really malicious or sadistic. Often heroic, mostly sympathetic faction.

M-maagical bikky
she's the best~
Bwehtecting us from eeebil~
Bweh ;~;
Templars are totally heroes good girls protecting humanity from an existential
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>I don't really read superhero comics. I don't know anything about Deadpool except that he's "zany", breaks the 4th wall a lot, and has a messed up face. ||| Then, you should. Deadpool is love, Deadpool is life. (?) ... What do you read then? Manga, books, the news?

Mostly manga and books. My tastes have narrowed a lot. Just getting older, I guess.

What do you think about Deadpool?

I don't really read superhero comics. I don't know anything about Deadpool except that he's "zany", breaks the 4th wall a lot, and has a messed up face.

Are there any non-Templar heroes? Do non-humans or humans outside the City ever do anything beyond cower in holes and hide behind witches?

There are some creatures that don't really show on a vampire's radar: various non-sapient hot-water animals (fish, giant albino eels, etc,) and some magical beings like living dolls. They don't really need a witch for protection.
As for heroes... even the Templar themselves aren't really heroes, are they?

What is the best thing you have done in your life?

Not sure, but my biggest mistake was keeping the wrong daughter.
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