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What happened to cupcake? Her social media has been dead for quite a while. Did someone finally ate her or what?

She's grounded for selling cakebutt pictures to her gaemstraem subscribers.
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In the near future, being a non-sjw (IRL and online) will be the same as being a furry vore fetishist on the internet ten years ago. How do you feel about this?

I'm already a 2D pettanko cakebutt fetishist. I can take it.

Where did you even get the inspiration for Himehorns anyway?

Their look comes from Japanese Oni + himecuts. =w=
As for behaviour, I started from the biology and worked my way up. They turned out kinda like ants though.
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Has there ever been successful attempts to capture and even breed himes in captivity? Maybe even educate them in nohorn ways?

You should follow @haremhorn 's Old Leader Quest!
Besides that, you'll get to see Snowhorn adapt to live with a nohorn husbando as they travel across Big Egg (eventually, one day, if I can get it done before I die) .

If you've managed to see all the conferences, what's your top 3 picks of E3(so far) that you'd like to play?

I missed most of the Sony conference. I have to catch up on trailers.
Out of the new stuff I've seen, the new Resident Evil, Zelda, and Kojima game look really interesting.
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Can you explain why people are giving Kojima so much praise for whatever that game premise was, when we still haven't gotten Mighty Number 9?

As the great wizard spock solo said: may the ring be with you and prosper.

It's the casuals, Dan. The mostly untapped market. The ones that pay hundreds of dollars on free to play mobile games. It's their fault.

Well, those are the games that keep the lights on ... I won't complain too much as long as I don't have to work on 'em. People can buy what they like.
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>The same as I did before. ;w; | BTW, Ubi called, Dan. You have yet to complete your daily corporate suffering quota.

It's a pretty nice place, really. And there's some cool stuff going on... kukuku...
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Why are people coming to you about the word on Ubisoft? I thought you were an average employee?

I am! I don't have any special insight.
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Dan, what the fuck did I just watch at the Ubisoft E3 event? You know, the one about the limb flailing simulator called Just Dance.

Apparently that thing sells like hotcakes. I don't get it.
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