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Main problem with Youjo Senki is how shit / out of money the animators are, the manga look fucking glorious.

The anime looks great, man! What are you talking about?
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>himehorn sisterhood | How about in Raisin's world? Do you think they would develop something like that there? Also, do you think that mini-herds would be possible or it's just for the sake of the setting?

It could be possible! In a world where himehorns try to adapt to nohorn life, himehorns living in smallherds may very feel some sad longing for big, happy herds. If that's the case, a similar smell might trigger a kind of happy-herd-like feeling.
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If two himehorns smell very similar, would that make them get along more or get curious about each other?

Hmm, probably depends on the himehorn... also their age. A smallhorn's herdsmell is still unstable, so two smallhorns can sometimes get quite curious about the other one's smell.

No, they can't tell | Even if the herd was brand new and had only one or two hornmothers?

Well, if there's only one hornmother it's obvious... and if there's only two, well, maybe if the two hornmothers were very different... but would probably mean one or more hornmothers are a bit of a wronghorn (either in terms of behaviour of physical makeup) and that's unlikely to happen.
The herd doesn't care much about whose eggs are whose as long as they're happy eggs from the herd.

Can himehorns tell if they hatched from the eggs of the same hornmother? Additionally, do they have a concept of sisterhood of any kind in that same regard?

No, they can't tell -- the haremhorns that bring the eggs to the nursery lose track of the eggs after they're dropped off, and the haremhorns that live in the nursery have no idea which egg comes from which hornmother. And they all consider themselves as happy horns in a happy herd -- nothing more or less.

Now that we are in 2017, how much time is left until you conquer the world with your cake butts, DFCs and dank memes? ... and maybe with a game/comic too.

One thing at a time! I'm working on Vampire Bride now...
Or rather, I will be after I clean my apartment some more.
I'm about halfway through Himehorn's Daily Life. After that's done, it's either on to Snowhorn Go Home or Great Witch Simulator. I've already gotten approval from Ubi to do my Great Witch game on the side so it's all good.

How many games have you done so far?

I worked on Splinter Cell 5 for the DS (but it got canned just as it went gold... right before Christmas, too! Great experience though -- I got to live my dream of making a Metal Gear style stealth game).
Also a bunch mobile games (a DJ Hero clone, a cooking mama clone) and Dungeon Hunter 2 (a Diablo-like ... this one was my baby) and Dungeon Hunter 3 (arena combat game). I also did a bunch of music minigames on a popstar game for the DS and some motion control work on a few Wii games...
Lately I've been worked on VR stuff and various super secret projects at Ubi. It's great -- I basically get to live the indie game designer life with infinite AAA money at my disposal.

Look at her face, that girl looks way too innocent to be cupcake, and she is missing her selfie stick and her =3= mu~ face... still cute though.

Her true a cutest and a bestestness would be 2acutest for the game and steal the show. =3=
Look at her face that girl looks way too innocent to be cupcake and she is


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