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Praise the sun or make contact?

I was all about praising the sun, but after learning that you can actually contact the great ones...
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The sun; an object to praise eternal? Or demon orb here to steal the precious night?

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
A giant yolk to the himehorns, light of the garden to the templar, demon orb to the vampires. bweh ;~;

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Is it weird to have separate 2d and 3d fetishes? What if some of your 2d fetishes seem gross in 3d and vice versa?

2D Perfectly Delicious, 3D Pig Disgusting.

How do you feel about nohorns artificially putting horns on their heads?

They'll only ever be wronghorns -- never part of the herd!

That's not how an egg race works anyway. You wait for two to start hatching at the same time and then bet on which hatches first!

himehorn’s Profile PhotoLeedah
What! Are you hornmothers sneaking into the nursery to bet? The haremhorns are going to hear about this...!
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>cute bats/cakes/horns/eggs >cute Templars are forgotten even on the suffering list Now that sir, is real suffering. You monster.

tfw excommunicated and doomed to wander in limbo forever ;~;
cute batscakeshornseggs cute Templars are forgotten even on the suffering list

My plan to bring about the total collapse of the fundamental structure of reality. Combine, Hestia-string, horns, nekomimi, power eyebrows, mini-angel wings, soul-gem, glasses and twin tails on a single character. Post character on twitter. Sit back and sip green teas as the universe implodes...

Already done, anon:
file creation date: December 13, 2014
My plan to bring about the total collapse of the fundamental structure of
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Time for the himehorn egg races! Alright girls get your best eggs into their start positions on the top of the hill...

;~~~; No! Stop!
A himehorn's egg is too delicate for that...!

Dan creative process: "let's make a cutest and a..." *opens random page in dictionary, picks a substantive* "... and MAKE THEM SUFFER!". Stop making the a cutests around the world suffer!

But what else is there to life than making cute bats/cakes/horns/eggs suffer?
Liked by: Nerer

Well we know Himehorns are chickens, but do they taste of chicken when you eat them too?

A himehorn is not a chicken!
Nohorn go home!!
Well we know Himehorns are chickens but do they taste of chicken when you eat
Liked by: Evil Steve

Himehorn tears are always bloop bloop. Are they more viscous than human tears?

Not more viscous, just more a cutest. =w=
Liked by: Leedah

I've figured it out. Why don't we just get a bunch of guys, dress their penises up with little horns and himecut wigs and let Snowhorn "take care" of them? It'll fill the hole in her heart and the ones in her body!

She'd reject them due to their gross, cheesy, unwashed nohorn smell. Why are nohorns so disgusting?
Ive figured it out Why dont we just get a bunch of guys dress their penises up


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