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Himehorn caves are lighted by a thick mat of bioluminescent ceiling moss and bioluminescent mushrooms, aren't they?

Yup! Convenient glowing plants and fungus. =w=

Dan, correct me if I'm wrong but I think you said you coded the clonemanga website yourself at one point. From a technical point of view, is it feasible for a total programming newb to program their own webcomic site, or are there any platforms you can recommend?

Yup, it's handmade... but most of that is a result of having started the site in the early days of the web before wordpress, tumblr, etc. This is back when animated gif backgrounds and embedded MIDIs were fun and cool and everyone had to do everything by hand.
Honestly, unless you want something really custom, you're far better off using a pre-baked wordpress or tumblr (if that's your thing) themes/plugins. You'll get better results, lots of automation, and good layouts. I don't have any recommendations, unfortunately, since I don't use 'em myself. Maybe you can ask @montiray what she used for her site...?

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I noticed that the remnants of the Kanami kinetic novel isn't under the games section or in the graveyard. Is it still on the site?

Hrrm, nope. It was pretty bad -- I had no idea what I was doing. Maybe I'll at least put the sprites back up somewhere...

I've never found a waifu. Why? How can I find the 2d perfection right for me? Can you set me up? I like tsundere.

You just gotta let it happen, man. You'll find the one someday.

Weren't you on a podcast? What happened to that?

Became too much like work and the sound editor (who most generously took HOURS to do the editing work) was way too overloaded. It wasn't fair. Also we just kinda ran out of topics and had a hard time co-coordinating things because we were spread out all over the globe (UK, Finland, US, Canada).

Thanks for the earlier answer. I know you've been out of the industry for a while, but I hope you don't mind me asking what you would say to someone who wants to enter the game industry. Would you encourage them? Discourage them? I know it's putting you on the spot, but I'm curious to hear more.

Just go in with your eyes wide open. Remember that it's a business first and you'll spend a lot of your time emulating the last big thing. It's an entertainment and software business, and it has all the problems (and benefits) of both worlds: the possibility for innovators to experience explosive growth, but lots of dead-eyed imitators ... creative people everywhere, but also souls crushed by the system, stars, washups, divas, deluded coulda-beens, cliques, trend chasing, marketing hocus pocus, design by committee, and all of it ruled by suits at the top that don't really care about games, just the bottom line. Of course, you'll find a lot of that anywhere, but the games world does have its own flavour.
My advice: you gotta enjoy the process of making a game more than the actual game as a product. Most games are not great. And if you want to get into games, you'll probably have pretty refined tastes, so you'll always be greatly disappointed in the product. So learn to enjoy the journey. Also balance work and life and realize it's JUST A JOB. I've seen too many souls gain 40 lbs or go hollow because they treated their game like a piece of art or a personal religious quest. It's not. Also don't pin your work satisfaction to player feedback, reviews, or the peripheral political peanut gallery -- none of them understand what you do. They are utterly clueless. Only value the opinion of your fellow designers and craftsmen. Finally, get a real degree that'll be respected outside the game industry so you have an exit plan if the industry isn't for you.
Bottom line: some folks love it -- others find it's not for them. There's no real way to tell what you'll like except by trying it out. Sometimes it's the games that keep you working, other times it's the people, or just the chance of making big money. For me, I never made a connection with other people (that's just a a life long thing), the games became F2P trash, and I would rather make less money and have more time on my hands to do what's important to me. So the logical thing to do was to quit. Your path will undoubtedly be difference, since you'll have different interests, capacities, and be surrounded by different people and projects.
Sorry for the long non-answer... hopefully that helps a bit anyway...

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This isn't a question, but I find it ironic/strange/tragicomic that according to your earlier answers, you quit a game design job to follow your dream, when many computer science students/graduates I know have game design/working at a game company as their dream jobs.

It was my dream job!
But Free to Play ruined everything for me. The games quickly became value extraction devices instead interesting gameplay experiences, and that's not what I'm interested in.

Was Darkcake's mother a sugar addict? I hear when you have a sugar high when baking, it can effect the final confection. Did she OD on sweets, and that's why she she's not around anymore?

Darkcake's mom was a mistake. But Darkcake was a gift. She'll always be my almost a cutest.

Why does the snowhorn's horns look like a dog penis' head?

Why would you say such a thing, anon? You're making snowhorn cry...
And those are the blood vessels inside her horns. Her horns are translucent.

How does the weekend waifu draw thread on /a/ work Dan? I want to draw somebody's waifu but I'm not sure how it all works. Thanks!

Just pick a waifu in the thread, draw her, then post her (make sure you reply to the requester's post).
That's it!
Happy drawing! =3=

Holy shit, that new (or at least, newest) Snacks "Heresy~" picture. A lesser man would go mad at the sight of vagina bones such as those. Dan... I want to marry the bat...

Don't forget about her squishy thighs and long legs!
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If you could have the ability to survive indefinitely without (A) food, (B) water, (C) air, or (D) sleep, which one would you choose?

Sleep. Think of all the cartoon butts I could draw...!

I would become the biggest fucking heretic and perform the worst heresy imaginable for Snax. Is that bad?

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That's okay. That's just what happens when you notice her a cutest and a bwehst.
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What do you do when you can't come up with ideas?

Switch to another project and wait for some cross pollination. That's part of the reason why I always have a couple projects on the go (or not on the go, considering my update speed) at once.
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between getting up an sleeping in your average day, going a little outsite? at least to run a bit?

Nah -- not really. Sometimes I'll go the grocery store of the post office to mail books/drawings, but that's about it. There's nothing out there for me, man.

What does an average day in your life look like?

>get up
>start coffee and breakfast
>do some pushups and rice bag squats while coffee/breakfast cooks
>eat breakfast
>start drawing
>take a break to answer some ask.fm answers
>draw some more
>get distracted by twitter
>start to get tired sleepy
>wonder if it's all worth it
>think about my own little IRL cupcake and darkcake
>realize it'd never work
>get stuck in dialogue
>realize I didn't eat supper and quickly eat something
repeat forever
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Really? That's strange... try logging in and out again? ||| It said the same thing. :c

What was the message? : (

I never used twitter, I don't like it... but when I tried to use it for the first time, just to follow you. It said I can't ... Why this? ;w;

Really? That's strange... try logging in and out again?

I reckon the bat drained him of his blood and flew off into the night.

I should leave some games on the balcony under a stick and box trap. ;~;


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