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>Darkcake is 8 months younger than Cupcake || You didn't waste any time getting another cake baking, did you? And while Sakura was pregnant with Cupcake too.

You can't put another cake in the oven while the first one is baking... you'll end up with two unevenly baked cakes...
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What about cheesecake? Why don't you acknowledge her, Dan? SHE HAS YOUR EYES, DAN.

I'm wiring you some money. We never met. Cheesecake never happened.
Don't call this number again.
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You know your Higurashi, right? I don't get into shipping at all but Keiichi ending up with Mion after the end of the series seems like such an obvious cop-out. Anybody else would have been better - Rena, Satoko, Rika, even Hanyuu

It's the iron law of anime: best girl never wins.
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So is it: Cupcake in Highschool, Darkcake in Junior High, and Pancake in Elementary school? Or are Cupcake and Darkcake closer in age?

Darkcake is 8 months younger than Cupcake. They're both first years in highschool, but Darkcake is already taking university night classes and working towards medical school...
Pancake is still in Elementary school.

But I love Sakura no matter what! ||| Which one is your favorite then... CCS or TRC? By the way, Sakura Tange has gotten a few more characters these past seasons... She also gave her voice for Aka Saber, from Fate/Extra and Fate/Extra CCC for PSP, that also makes an appearance in Carnival Phantasm.

CCS Sakura, of course.
And I didn't know she voiced Red Saber! I'll keep that in mind next time I'm looking around for a new Vita game.

Cupcake seems like a spoiled brat. Would she see Darkcake was her big sister or as competition? Having a big sister can make a spoiled brat want to be more like the unspoiled brat sometimes... d( -_^)

Cupcake is the big sister. She's a bad influence on Darkcake.
Cupcake treats Darkcake like a toy most of the time... but there are little moments where Cupcake treats her nicely. For example, Cupcake likes to interrupt Darkcake's study periods and drags her to lunch at a bakery and orders a bunch of cake... but sometimes she'll let Darkcake order some soup or a sandwich instead. She probably knows that Darkcake is low on funds and this is her way of treating her out...
... ... Cupcake might be a bit of a tsundere when it comes to Darkcake.

Do you love Sakura (in part) because she's a loli? Or do you love her in spite of it?

She's a 27 year old OL now.
But I love Sakura no matter what!

Would you like to travel? If so, where would you like to go and why?

I'd like to weeb out in Akiba someday. Maybe go to a few maid cafes, get some Sakura dakis, go to a small idol concert, etc.

I wouldn't go back...||| Even if it was just for fun? or is the money or the addictiveness?... lack of time? Some people like MTG only if they can crush people on tournaments, just to say they are better or have the strongest deck, and others just enjoy playing with friends or playing just for fun.

1) no friends
2) no time

>Thought I should mention that while the route map doesn't have addresses, the markers are still pretty pinpoint :V|| I could mention that people can now find out where you live, but with Cupcake and Sakura, I think everyone in the city already knows.

At least my Darkcake can live a quiet, happy life... .... y-yeah... ;~;
Thought I should mention that while the route map doesnt have addresses the

>Are we encouraged to include our own secret gifts when sending the bat on her way? That would be really cool! =w=|| Should we send human blood along with the bat for the trip? Real human blood? Sent through the postal service?

She's just going to drink it right away, you know! She can't control herself when there's a snack right in front of her...

Do you like MTG?

I played quite a bit until Ice Age. That was in 7th grade or so. I was able to quit after that.
Expensive, addictive, but fun. I wouldn't go back to playing, though.

I should really make time to pick away at my anime backlog ||| How many do you have there?

I still have anime from the 90s on there.
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Have you ever read/watched Barakamon? I think you would like it.

Nope! I should really make time to pick away at my anime backlog... I mean, I'll be making time to play Bloodborne. It's not as if I can't spare an hour our of the day to do it... but I just end up writing/drawing the whole day until I'm falling asleep at my desk...

Chie a best, Marie a shit. ||| I not really a Chie fan, but I can't deny that Yui Horie gives her some charm on my eyes. I don't have a PSVita so I coudn't play Golden. So I can't say anything about Marie :c but my favorite character is Aegis from P3 and from P4... Nanako of course! :D

Nanako is a miracle of the universe...!!!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTSfZFNNROE#t=1m50sCloneManga’s Video 126204353650 FTSfZFNNROECloneManga’s Video 126204353650 FTSfZFNNROE

Have you ever played the Persona series?

Yep. I played P3 and P4 (and P4G). I also played SMTIV.
Chie a best, Marie a shit.

When you need inspiration, where and how do you usually get it? and how do you usually ¨keep the mood flowing¨ so to say?

I'm usually in the mood to work, but when I'm not I do three things:
1) step away from the screen -- remove distractions and time sinks
2) change my routine -- introduce novel inputs
3) don't worry -- stress and pressure kill creativity. Don't push - It will come.
And if none of that works, I just change projects for a bit. I like to have a few projects on hand at a time so I can use each one as a vacation from the other when things get too rough.
Anyway, hope that helps. Good luck!
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What do you think about kickstarter?

I think a few high profile flops are making people think twice about the game of selling promises and dreams. Mighty No.9 comes to mind, Godus... I heard a bit about that Yogcast fiasco just the other day, too.
It seems okay as long as you a) have good reason to be confident in the project and/or b) are fine with losing your money if things flop.
Personally, I think it's a nice way to gauge interest in project if you're not sure you want to proceed with it or not. For example, I'd like to do the Templar handbook, but it's a big time sink and i'm not sure if anyone wants it. Well, there's an easy way to check: set up a page and see what the actual number are. If people are super interested, you can always expand the project, too.

Do you think you'll ever get sick of cake, Dan? I work in a bakery, and cake and baked goods have now become boring to me, which is upsetting.

I control my intake so that cake is always a treat.
I did the same thing with coffee -- while I was working as a game designer I pretty depressed and blew a lot of money on "gourmet" coffee stuff. I ended up buying a french press and expensive beans, blue mountain Jamaican stuff, etc. but after a few months of this all coffee became boring. It wasn't a treat anymore. Now I drink No Name, Maxwell House, President's Choice, etc. and go across the street to a nice cafe maybe 2-3 times a month for a nice cup for their $2 brew or a $4 espresso, and it all tastes like a million bucks now. I love it.
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How long did it take you to complete NNN? From the drawings to the writing and stuff?

Started: JUL 25 2009
Ended: FEB 21 2011
It took a white... that's how it always goes, though. ;w;

Are we encouraged to include our own secret gifts when sending the bat on her way?

That would be really cool! =w=


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