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Dan, are you alive? You didn't post anything today...

I just got back from the walk in clinic!
Gotta make an appointment with the allergy specialist now... ;w;

I would slather a stale pancake in artificial syrup and gobble it up ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

>artificial syrup
Monster! My Pancake deserves only the finest!
I would slather a stale pancake in artificial syrup and gobble it up 


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Hey Dan, do you go to conventions and stuff like that?

Last convention I went to was Otakuthon, Montreal, a few years ago. I don't make a regular habit of doing cons... I might just be getting to old for it. They're pretty draining. ;w;
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I'll skip the obvious follow up question, so instead I'll ask how good of an Aunt Pancake would be for her nieces/nephews? Does she spoil them rotten? Or is the cool big sis type? Kind and loving and makes cookies...?

Pancake grows up to be a workaholic with no family of her own. She likes to spoil Chad, Plumcake, and Chiffon, but honestly it hurts a little bit to be around them, especially since Chiffon and Plumcake look so much like her nee-san...
She tries to be good to them, but also keeps a bit of a distance. They have their own life.
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A little boy. |||... and darkcake? (same questions)

Twin girls named Chiffon and Plumcake. They'd have white/silver hair and be clever and kind like their mom, but one (the onee-san) would be more mischievous than the other (who would be a little bit of a crybaby). Her husband would be a single dad after Darkcake passes away a few months after childbirth. He's got a good job and loves his kids, and tries to find a good step-mom for them, but the twins chase all the candidates out. After he realizes they'll never accept anyone else, he decides to live solely for his children. He could never really love anyone but Darkcake anyway. He works hard, takes good care of them, and watches them grow into have happy families of their own.

If cupcake made you a grandpa... Do you think she would have a girl or a boy?... and how do you think she would name it?

A little boy.
He'd be named Chad, after his absentee father.
If cupcake made you a grandpa Do you think she would have a girl or a boy and
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Himehorn comics are communist propaganda!!!

More like Hornscum propaganda.
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>contest between a girl and a boy | >lady says 'We need to make sure she wins, so people know we think girls can compete with boys.' | How am I supposed to feel about this

Just pack it in, anon.
Don't call it a grave. This is the future we chose.

>you will never hug a musclehorn Why even live, Dan?

>you will never experience a haremhorn lap-pillow
>you will never hold a smallherd of smallhorns in your hands
>you will never feel the gooey, body-temperature warmth a hornmother laying an egg on your chest
end it
end it now

Cupcake-nee-san-sempai, how do I into the perfect duck face?

NegativeSilence’s Profile PhotoArtemi
okhi if u want2 do on a cutest liek a muu =3= jus do on a cute
u shud no it ur a cutest =3= muu
ok gl u can be a caek if u do it bye =3=
Cupcakeneesansempai how do I into the perfect duck face
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